New Ingredients & Products

A Crisp Idea For Breadsticks
Lycosoy Italian Style Crispy Breadsticks with cheese and tomato has put a new spin on healthy snacking. This product contains nongenetically modified tomato and soy, along with olive oil, to provide the health-enhancing benefits of lycopene, soy isoflavones, vitamin E and folic acid.

In addition to soy, one serving of these breadsticks provides 6mg of lycopene, which studies suggest to be a powerful natural antioxidant.

More info:
Britannia Health Products Ltd.
Tel: +44 01737 773741

Colloid Stabilises And Emulsifies
Pretested Colloid 602 Powder by TIC Gums is available for several food applications, including use as a stabiliser and emulsifier. It is unique in that it can be combined with other stabilisers for superior textural characteristics and can function as a stabiliser and emulsifier in acidic emulsions.

The product, also available as a Pretested Pre-Hydrated Colloid 602 Powder, offers superior suspension and creamy taste in items ranging from beverages to salad dressings. It also has excellent mouth feel.

More info:
TIC Gums
Tel: +1 410 273 7300

Soy That Tastes Better
Prolise, Cargill's new line of soy isolates, represents a breakthrough in taste that is expanding opportunities for food manufacturers to meet consumer demand for soy protein.

"Until now, the soy-beany taste isolates gave to foods and beverages made the ingredient less appealing to the Western palette," says Kevin Marcus, director of marketing for Cargill Soy Protein Solutions. "Prolise's bland flavor and high protein content make it an ideal solution for food manufacturers to incorporate enough soy protein into their products to meet the FDA's [US Food and Drug Administration] soy protein health claim." The FDA health claim permits food companies to promote the cardiovascular health benefits of soy protein.

Prolise is a patented, proprietary product that excels in solubility and mouthfeel, and works well in a variety of foods and beverages, including dairy-like products, infant formulas, processed meats, meat alternatives and prepared foods. It's functional properties include water holding, emulsification and gelling, which help to maintain or improve food quality.

More info:
Cargill +1-866-SOY-PROT

ADM Expands Soy Potential
PFL is a new soy-protein-based nutrition product by Illinois-headquartered Archer Daniels Midland (ADM). The product, a combination of isolated soy protein, Fibersol soluble dietary fibre and soy lecithin, can be used in numerous beverage applications.

When shaken or blended with water, PFL easily disperses and allows for a clean flavour. It blends well with sweeteners, stabilisers and flavouring ingredients and can be incorporated into dry-blend beverages, dry and liquid meal replacement drinks, instant cereals, instant soup mixes, pudding mixes, bakery mixes and other dry-blend mixes.

More info:
Tel: +1 800 637 5843
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