New ingredients & products

Protein range
Solbar Industries in Israel has expanded its range of functional soy protein concentrates. The Solcon S family, which can be used in a variety of meat and vegetarian analogues, now includes Solcon S-220, S-117, S-118, S-121 and S-300 to meet manufacturer needs, from strong emulsions and gels to high-speed injections.
+927 88632111

Nutrient coffee
How about calcium with your 100 per cent certified organic Arabica coffee beans? Caff? Botanica Strength joins Caffé Botanica Health, containing echinacea, and Caff? Botanica Energy, with Asian ginseng. Caffé Botanica?s core technology is a patent-pending method for infusing coffee beans with natural supplements, such as active botanicals or minerals, in a way that preserves the health benefit of the additive without affecting taste.
+ 1 541 349 0243

Recovery peptide
DSM Food Specialties has announced the commercial launch of its active peptide, PeptoPro, which promises five per cent better muscle recovery for athletes. The ingredient won gold in the Hi Europe Best Innovation in Health Ingredients awards last year. To showcase its properties, DSM developed the PeptoPro Sports drink, made exclusively for the Dutch Olympic team. Unlike traditional sports-recovery drinks based on sugar, PeptoPro Sports also contains protein components, which haven?t been used in drinks due to turbidity, insolubility and bitter taste. The PeptoPro ingredient eliminates these issues, the Dutch company reports, and stimulates insulin production.
+31 15 279 2685
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Kolorex for microflora balance
Forest Herbs Research has launched several new products containing Active Horopito extract. The Kolorex Total Care range now comprises crèmes targeting the feet and toes, and intimate areas, as well as a tea for the care of the mouth and throat, also containing anise seed and lemon grass. The New Zealand company has also launched Kolorex Advanced Intestinal Care Capsules, containing a patented liquid extract of Active Horopito. The key ingredient in the Kolorex range is Active Horopito, a company-tested extract from the New Zealand herb horopito, which has been proven to help restore natural microflora balance. None of the products contain mineral oils, parabens, synthetic preservatives or fragrances, or animal products.
+64 3 548 2741

Intestinal anti-inflammatory
A new product targeting irritable bowel syndrome and damage from the use of NSAIDs has been introduced by Sterling Technology. Containing a blend of bioactives, Tegricel has been shown in trials to reduce inflammation and be beneficial in conditions that cause intestinal damage.
+1 800 522 3699
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Neem for dental care
Organix-South?s TheraNeem Herbal Toothpaste contains extracts of neem bark and leaf, grapeseed, clove and fennel to support healthy teeth and gums. Neem has traditionally been used in India and southern Asia to avoid cavities and reverse gingivitis. The Florida company also sells neem leaf capsules, extracts and other products.
+1 888 989 6336

Drewpol PGPR for chocolate coatings
Stepan Food & Health Specialties has expanded its polyglycerol ester line with the introduction of Drewpol PGPR (Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate), a highly efficient water-in-oil emulsifier. It is used to modify the rheology of chocolate coatings by reducing yield value when blended with lecithin. It is both kosher and considered GRAS for use as an emulsifier in chocolate at a level of up to 0.3 per cent.
+1 201 712 7642

Beta-carotene modified by food starch
BASF has developed a beta-carotene product called Lucarotin 10 CWD/O, which uses modified food starch, rather than the typical proteins, to stabilise the carotenoid. This means companies will not have to label the ingredient as an allergen under new EU regulations. A synthetic, nature-identical product, Lucarotin can be used in foods and beverages as a source of vitamin A and for its colour. BASF recently opened a new production plant for citral, the key building block for vitamins A and E, as well as beta-carotene. The plant has an annual capacity of 40,000 metric tonnes, replacing an existing 10,000 tonnes plant.
+49 621 60 0

Sour vitamins for tweens
Hero Nutritionals has created a line of gummy multi-vitamins fortified especially for tweens, aged 8-13 years old. Yummi Bears Sourz and Yummi Gworms Sourz provide 100 per cent of the RDA for vitamins A, C, D, E, B6 and B12, as well as folic acid and zinc. They feature a super-sour flavour tweens love, the California company says, and are free from yeast, wheat, milk, egg, soy, gluten, salt, artificial colours or flavours, salicylates and preservatives.
+1 949 498 2280

High-fibre oat bran for low carb
J Rettenmaier & Sohne has a reduced-starch oat bran with 90 per cent fibre and a low water-binding capacity crucial to low-carb products. Low water-binding capacity is necessary because the extra fibre, added to replace starch content, increases water needs.
+49 79 67 1 52 272

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