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New Ingredients & Products

Creamy yoghurts without gelatine
TIC Gums of Maryland has designed a blend of gums and starches for yoghurt applications. TIC Pretested Dairyblend YG AG is a blend of starches, agar and pectin that provides creamy mouthfeel for both vat-set and cup-set processes. Gelatine-free, it offers rapid hydration. It is also effective for low-carb formulations, the company reports.

+1 410 273 7300

Non-GMO fat replacer
Circle Group, owned by FiberGel Technologies of Illinois, has created a GMO-free version of its fat replacement and dietary fibre ingredient. Non-GMO Z-Trim is a natural, zero-calorie fat replacement that reduces calories and increases healthy insoluble fibre in products without altering the product?s original taste, the company says. Designed to be a fat replacement — rather than a fat substitute — the GRAS-status ingredient comes as a fine powder and can be used as a powder or gel.

+1 847 549 6002

No-allergy carotenoid
Vitamin-maker BASF has developed a beta-carotene product called Lucarotin 10 CWD/O, which uses modified food starch, rather than proteins, to stabilize the carotenoid. This means products incorporating the ingredient will not have to label it as an allergen on its label under the new EU regulations coming into force in November. The product is designed for fortified beverages and multivitamin-enriched juices.

+49 621 60 0

Andrographis extract for inflammation
HP Ingredients, a raw material supplier of Asian botanicals, has unveiled Paractin, a natural compound found in andrographis shown to address inflammation. Paractin is a patented extract of diterpenic labdanes with a standardised combination of andrographolide, 14-deoxyandrographolides and neoandrographolides. Clinical studies have shown the ingredient works by naturally invigorating the activation of peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor gamma, stopping inflammation at its source, the Florida company reports.

+1 941 761 0790

Gourmet java rich in polyphenols
Caffe Sanora, a premium gourmet antioxidant-rich coffee, has been launched by Applied Food Sciences. Made through a patented roasting method, Caffe Sanora delivers the natural antioxidants found in unroasted (green) coffee beans that are normally lost through the heat used in conventional roasting. The polyphenols preserved in this process deliver health benefits similar to those found in green tea, the Texas company says, including the prevention of such diseases as cancer and diabetes. Caffe Sanora is sold in light, medium and dark roasts, in whole bean or ground varieties (including espresso grind). It is sold in both caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties.

+1 512 732 8300

Omega ?multi? for tweens and teens
Omega 3.6.9 Teen, a blend of omega-3s and omega-6s from purified fish oil and borage oil, targets teens and preteens. Made by Nordic Naturals, it provides a full spectrum of omega fatty acids necessary for learning, positive mood and memory. It is available in lemon-flavoured chewable capsules; each two-capsule serving supplies 148mg of EPA, 98mg of DHA and 36mg of GLA.

+1 800 662 2544

Quickly dispersible coenzyme Q10
Wacker Specialties? Cavamax co-Q10 is a newly bioavailable co-Q10 in powder form. It is especially well-suited for use in nutritional energy products, including energy drinks and powdered formulas, the company reports. The special formulation of Cavamax has solved the typical water-solubility issues of co-Q10, making it easily dispersible. It is also GRAS certified. Wacker Specialties is a business division of Wacher-Chemie, a global company with 24 production sites worldwide.

+1 517 264 8794

Liquid glucosamine joint blend
Botanical Laboratories has launched a liquid glucosamine complex that includes ingredients that are naturally occurring substances found in healthy human cartilage. These include chondroitin, collagen and other compounds for joint health. Symtec Joint Movement Glucosamine, in a mixed berry flavour, promises to be more readily bio-available than tablets or capsules. An extra strength formula, it delivers 2,000mg of glucosamine, 1,200mg of chondroitin, 500mg of the mineral MSM (methylsulfonylmeth-ane), plus vitamins C and D3, and collagen per each daily 2 tablespoon dosage. It is also sugar-free and low in sodium. The product is sold in 16oz and 33.8oz bottles.

+1 360 384 5656

Meal replacements from Korea
Two Korean-made meal replacement powders are now available in the US by CY Biosolutions. Based on the principles of the Saengshik diet (the eating of uncooked foods), dieters can reduce their daily caloric intake by 33 per cent, while enjoying six times greater energy efficiency. One product, called Lime, contains corn, brown rice, African millet, black soybeans, mungbean and Chinese quince — among other ingredients. The other product, Milpe pyojun Saegshik, contains dried yeast powder, pumpkin, acorn, ginkgo nut, yoghurt powder and sea tangle, among others. Both are consumed in 40g packets, which are dissolved in 200ml of water, as a meal substitute.

+1 310 663 2914

Natural guar gum goes organic
An all-natural guar gum is now available in organic form by TIC Gums. Pretested TICorganic Guar Gum 3500 F Powder can be used in many applications, including marinades, salads, canned foods and certain meat products. It functions on the same usage level and for the same properties as traditional guar gum, which is a multi-functional, cold water-soluble gum that hydrates rapidly.

+1 800 899 3953

A cure for the true-blue blues
Touted as the first stable blue food colour for use in the EU, Chr Hansen has launched a blue food-colour product made from natural ingredients that is stable with a broad pH range of 5.5-8. It is being targeted at US and EU manufacturers of candy and ice cream, as well as a variety of candy coating and icing for cakes and chocolate.

+45 45 74 74 16

GM-free disintegrant
Netherlands-based Noviant, the world?s leading manufacturer of cellulose gums, has launched a GM-label-free disintegrant for the tabletting industry. Nymcel ZSX-W, generally known as croscarmellose sodium, provides all the features and functionalities of the Nymcel ZSX product, but without the need for any additional GM labelling. The Nymcel range is known for its unique features of consistent quality and supply; consistent pricing; low dosage rate; and suitability for dry granulation, wet granulation and direct compression.


Protein powder powered by hemp
Ruth?s Hemp Foods has launched three protein powder blends, which contain no genetically modified organisms, hydrogenated or trans fats, refined sugars, or artificial preservatives or colours. Hemp Protein Power is derived from live, certified-organic hemp seed and contains 50 per cent protein. Hemp & Sprouted Flax contains sprouted flax, known for its omega-3s, high-lignan fibre, and active enzymes due to sprouting. Hemp Protein and Sprouted Flax with Maca adds 5000mg per serving of the Peruvian root vegetable maca, known as an Incan superfood for its ability to help maintain hormonal balance and enhance libido. The blends are also sold in bulk, in both 5lb and 25lb pails and 250lb drums, and formulate well in juice bars. The company also sells its organic shelled hemp seed, SoftHemp, in bulk quantities, as well as its conventionally grown hemp oil.

+1 416 588 4209

Protein from squid
An inexpensive animal protein obtained from the muscle of squid (Dosidicus gigas) has been developed by Peruvian company Matrel. Called Proteinol, it is made without any solvents or chemical agents, and is sold as a white powder with a minimum of 86 per cent protein content. Rich in omega-3s and omega-6s, it can be used to enrich pastas, breads, cookies, baby foods, soups and sauces, without adding seafood taste or odour.

+00511 242 2412

Sports pectin
Danisco, based in Denmark, has rolled out a line extension of its Grinsted pectin range, targeted at the sports nutrition segment. Aimed at low pH protein drinks, Grinsted Pectin AMD 382 and AMD 383 have been designed to provide texture profile and protein protection to short-shelf life drinking yoghurts, long-life drinking yoghurts, milk/juice drinks and soy beverages. They are produced at Danisco plants in Mexico and the Czech Republic, and supplied by citrus raw materials sourced from South America and Mexico.

+45 3266 2000

Anti-ageing enzyme
A n enzyme derived from algae touts unique anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties. Called ProAlgaZyme, tests in rats showed weight loss of 6.3 per cent in two weeks, its maker, Health Enhancement Products, reports. The tests also showed inflammation reduction superior to aspirin. An Arizona State University study showed the enzyme contains the same properties of an enzyme that begins to diminish in the human body in the late 20s. ProAlgaZyme is created by growing a specific type of algae in tanks of purified water and drawing off 1.5 gallons every other week to capture the enzyme. It is sold as a liquid supplement, with a recommended daily dose of 1-3oz.

+1 480 385 3800

Acai fruit smoothies
Sambazon, the California-based company that introduced the purple palm berry fruit acai to the US market, has created a line of ready-to-drink energy smoothies in three flavours: acai with mango, acai with soy, and acai with strawberry and banana. The acai fruit has more antioxidants than wine, blueberries or pomegranates, and the smoothie blends are also rich in essential fatty acids, protein and amino acids. Sambazon also provides acai as a fruit ingredient, which is popularly used in juice bars across the country.

+1 877 726 2296

Hypoallergenic rice protein
Belgian rice ingredients? maker Remy Industries has formulated a soluble rice protein that allows cereal bar producers to increase protein content by up to 20 per cent in their products, without causing the grainy texture left by nonsoluble proteins. The ingredient is also hypoallergenic, giving it an advantage over milk and soy proteins. The rice-derived components are GMO-free and the protein has a unique nutritional profile with a 96 per cent correlation to the amino acids found in mother?s milk, the company says.

+32 16 24 85 11

Fruity citrus flavours
True-to-the-fruit citrus flavours especially formulated for beverages are now offered by Quest International in the Netherlands. Sold under the name Citrusense, the range includes: Citrustable, heat-stable flavours and ingredients that improve shelf life; and Citruclear, water-soluble flavours and ingredients designed for clear applications. Citrusense can also be used for nonbeverage markets, including dairy, bakery, confectionary, culinary and snacks.

+31 35 699 9111

Sun guard without benzophenone
UV Natural, a sunscreen without chemicals, uses a dose of specially formulated zinc oxide to offer natural protection against the sun. Based on an Australian formula, and available in the US for the first time, it does not contain the benzophenone found in traditional sunscreens, which some studies have suggested might be linked to skin cancers after cumulative use, its Nevada distributor reports. UV Natural also contains vitamin D, grape seed oil extract and green tea. Levels of protection include SPF 30+ sport, a suntan oil, and 30+ for babies.
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