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Casein for muscle repair
For athletes needing 24-hour protein supplementation, Pro Complex PM has been formulated to support muscle recovery during sleep. Each serving provides 25g of casein, a high-quality dairy protein that is digested at a slow rate, increasing blood amino acid levels to support muscle repair, according to Illinois-based Optimum Nutrition. The amino acid elevation lasts up to seven hours.

The powder mix also contains zinc monomethionine aspartate, L-theanine, glutamine peptides and dozens of other compounds. It is sold in 30-serving containers in milk chocolate or vanilla cream flavours.

Tel: +1 630 236 0097

Activated barley big on beta-glucans
Swedish company Nutritech International has developed a range of health foods to showcase its new organic activated barley, which has a beta-glucan content almost double that of the original raw material, as well as high levels of fatty acids. Nutritech, which has offices across the EU, in Quebec and in Illinois, is marketing Aktiv Barley as a cheap way of boosting the health profile of a wide range of foods.

Manufactured through a patented process that increases its beta-glucan content by 94 per cent, the fibre forms a gelatinous medium creating a stable, steady release of nutrients, the company says. It also has a 5.6 per cent omega-3 and 4.6 per cent omega-6 content.

Tel: +46 40 367 111
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High-ORAC onion, salad extracts
France-based Bio Serae Laboratoires has developed an onion extract naturally rich in quercetin, a polyphenolic compound with an ORAC value of 9000 ?mol TE/g. Present in its glycosylated form, it has the highest bioavailability of all natural quercetins, the company reports. In addition, Bio Serae has launched a salad extract rich in caffeic acid derivatives beneficial to people at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It has an ORAC value of 8900 ?mol TE/g.

Tel:+1 973 984 0900
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Hemp packs extra protein
The new Hemp Protein Powder, targeted at health-conscious consumers who are not necessarily athletes, boasts a higher percentage of protein (50 per cent) than standard protein powders, which average 30 per cent, its maker, Manitoba Harvest, says. This is achieved by removing excess fibre through the Canadian company?s cold milling process. The powder is also rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and is milled from live hemp seeds that were grown without herbicides or pesticides. It can be used in baking, cooking and beverages; it is sold in 16oz cartons or in bulk quantities of 5lbs, 25lbs and 200lbs.

Tel: +1 204 953 0233

Cinnamon for diabetics
Integrity Nutraceuticals International, in Florida, has launched a cinnamon extract shown to support healthy glucose levels. The ingredient has potential for diabetic formulas, according to recent research in Diabetes Care, the company says. The firm has also joined with the US Department of Agriculture to develop further methods of testing cinnamon extracts.

Cinnulin PF?s compounds are extracted from water, which makes them less likely to be toxic, the company reports.

Tel: +1 800 479 8994

Frozen veggie cuisine from India
Hoping to bring the flavours of the subcontinent to the US, Ambrosia has expanded its export of prepackaged vegetarian foods, which includes a full line of soups; frozen meals featuring south Indian cuisine such as avila, kharabhath and sambar rice; and north Indian dishes such as rajma masala, dal makhani and navratan kurma. Ambrosia claims to have 70 per cent of the prepackaged food market share in India and already exports to the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Tel: +1 703 887 8553
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Chia plant for fibre, omega-3s
The Omega Tree in Arizona has developed a line of products and ingredients from the Chia plant (Salvia hispanica) in Central America, which was a highly prized dietary staple of the Aztec people. Today it is known in central Mexico as ?chia fresca,? made by mixing the chia grain with lime and water. The Omega Tree?s chia fibre contains no animal ingredients, is psyllium-free, and has no artificial colours, ingredients or flavours. Its oil contains the highest concentration of omega-3s of any commercially available botanical source, the company says, and has naturally occurring antioxidants including flavinol glycocides, chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid.

Chia is sold as a bulk grain, bulk oil and bulk fibre/protein. It is also sold in capsule form for daily supplementation: Daily Chia Fiber & Vegetable Protein Supplement, and Oil of Chia Omega-3 Daily Supplement.

The capsules contain a guaranteed minimum of 60 per cent omega-3s, which is higher than the 50-57 per cent typically found in flax oil, and the 20 per cent found in hemp oil, the company says.
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Ephedrine alternative
Amax NutraSource is now offering octopamine HCl standardised to 98 per cent purity. This amino acid alkaloid naturally found in bitter orange, or Citrus aurantium, has strong lypolytic or fat-burning activity in fat cells, the Oregon- and California-based company reports. It purportedly stimulates beta-3 receptors in white fat cells to loosen stored fat and create thermogenisis.

Tel: +1 541 688 4944

New L-carnitine line from China
Shenyang Dongyu Fine Chemicals Co., a producer of bulk intermediates, has introduced new products to its L-carnitine line, including L-carnitine DL-tartrate, propionyl L-carnitine HC1, L-carnitine orotate and DL-carnitine orotate. All of the Chinese company?s carnitine products are kosher and halal certified.

Tel: +86 24 24712338
[email protected]

Dairy-free probiotics
People with lactose intolerance who are seeking the benefits of probiotics are the target of the new ProViva Shot! beverage from Skane Dairy UK. Each bottle contains 20 billion Lactobacillus plantarum 299v in two flavours: grape and apricot, or raspberry with blackcurrant and grape. The bacteria is cultured in oatmeal and is dairy-free. It is sold in major UK supermarkets.

Tel: +44 845 60 11 754

High-calcium miso
J apan?s Agriculture and Livestock Industries Corp (ALIC) has developed a fermented miso that contains three times as much calcium as regular milk. The miso also has four times the angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition activity, which should help in the prevention of hypertension, ALIC reports. ALIC is an affiliate of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry.

Cod liver oil perfect for pets
Even cats and dogs need their omega-3s. That, at least, is the view of California?s Nordic Naturals, which has developed a cod liver oil supplement especially for pets.

Each serving of Pet Cod Liver Oil contains 350mg DHA, 225mg EPA, up to 975IU of vitamin A, up to 20IU of vitamin D and 4IU of vitamin E.

The oil is sourced from wild arctic cod, mackerel, sardines and anchovies, which are low on the food chain to minimise potential impurities.

Tel: +1 800 662 2544
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Ayurvedic lotion for delicate skin
A new lotion made from cold-pressed sesame oil also contains 13 Ayurvedic herbal extracts designed for skin preservation, conditioning and muscle tone. It also contains almond and castor oils to keep the skin hydrated.

Appropriate for all skin types, Auromere Rejuvenating Hand & Body Lotion is especially beneficial for dry, ageing, delicate and problem skin, the California company reports.

The company also sells a complete line of other products based on Ayurvedic principals, including soaps, tooth paste, shampoos and massage oil.

Tel: +1 800 735 4691

Less is more ice cream
Using Splenda sweetener, Pierre?s French Ice Cream Company has introduced Pierre?s Carb Success No Sugar Added Ice Cream, which contains 3g of net carbs per half-cup serving. It is available in classic vanilla or rich chocolate. The Ohio-based company also launched Slender No Sugar Added Low Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches, which have 2.5g of fat per serving.

Tel: +1 216 432 1144

Yoghurt cuts carbs, but stocks calcium
Expanding on its Blue Bunny line, Iowa-based Wells Dairy has formulated a no-sugar-added yoghurt in four flavours: strawberry, raspberry, peach and vanilla cr?me. Sold in 33 states and many Wal-Mart Supercenters, Blue Bunny Carb Freedom Yogurt has 90 calories, 3g of fat and 5g of total carbs. It also has 20 per cent of the recommended daily value of calcium.

Tel: +1 800 942 3800

Pumping up on nutrition
Hoping to target ?fitness-active? consumers who are cutting carbs, California-based Naturade has introduced a line of sports nutrition powders made with whey protein with 3 net carbs per serving. SportPharma includes a whey protein shake with 22g of protein per serving; a meal-replacement powder with 42g of protein; a grainer with 56g of protein; and a 100 per cent whey protein isolate, which is also lactose free. The products are available in sizes from 1-lb cans to 6-lb jars.

Tel: +1 714 573 4800

Low-GI snack bars and shakes
Capitalising on the new focus on foods? glycaemic index, Solo GI Nutrition has developed a line of low-GI bars and shakes that ?prevent the peak, crash and craving? that can result from a rapid rise in blood sugar, the Canadian company says. Among the new products are Chocolate Charger, Strawberry Starter and Vanilla Vigor shakes; and Lemon Lift, Berry Bliss and Peanut Power bars. The products contain no GMOs, hydrogenated oils, additives or preservatives. Solo GI is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Era Nutrition.

Tel: +1 780 423 4551

Multivitamin rich with ?B?s and antioxidants
Wyeth Consumer Healthcare has launched a multivitamin, Centrum Carb Assist, that contains nutrients to help the body utilize carbs, fats and protein while providing vitamin and mineral support for individuals who are cutting back on carbohydrates in their diets. Its unique formulation includes high levels of the B vitamins—niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, and vitamins B6 and B12—as well as the antioxidants selenium, manganese, and vitamins C and E. It also has 100 per cent RDI for vitamin D, iron, zinc and copper.

A division of the Wyeth Corp, Wyeth Consumer Healthcare is based in New Jersey.

Tel: +1 877 236 8786

High protein lowfat snacks
The newest offering from the Balance Bar Food Co in New York is a low-glycemic index snack available in three flavours: toffee crunch, chocolate nut crunch and mixed berry crisp. Each flavour of Balance Bar GoMix Energy Snack Mix has 11 essential vitamins and minerals and 14g of protein. This is twice the protein and one-third less fat than standard trail mixes, the company says.

Tel: +1 800 323 0768

Kefir dairy drinks cut out the carbs
Functional dairy products firm Lifeway Foods in Illinois is expanding its range of kefirs with a new line of no-added-sugar dairy drinks aimed at low-carb dieters. The drinks will be available in strawberries and cream, mixed berry, tropical fruit and strawberry-banana, as well as an unsweetened version. Each contains 8g of carbs and 2.5g of fat per 8oz serving.

Kefir, a creamy probiotic dairy beverage similar to but distinct from yoghurt, contains seven active ?friendly? micro-organisms, compared to the two or three found in yoghurt.

Tel: +1 847 967 1010
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