New Line of Natural Health Supplements Launched for Chiropractors and Other Health Professionals

WATERTOWN, S.D., March 21, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Health professionals who are looking to augment their practice with an exclusive line of natural health supplements have an exciting new brand that will benefit them by renewing the health of their patients. Lyflo Select ( ) is a new line of supplements that addresses the leading maladies in the natural health market and offers a new revenue stream for chiropractors and other health professionals.

Unavailable for retail purchase, the Lyflo Select line of products was launched on January 1, 2005 and is only available through health professionals. Lyflo has an entire program for health professionals, encompassing training, marketing and everything needed to make the supplements a successful part of their clinic. Dr. Alan Bergquist is a licensed chiropractor and one of three partners at HealthFirst Chiropractic ( ) in Milbank, S.D. They offer Lyflo Select supplements in their three clinics and will include it in two more they'll be opening soon.

According to Dr. Bergquist, the supplements are a "perfect fit" with chiropractic care because chiropractors "need something like Lyflo to support the joint treatment they provide to patients." Dr. Bergquist says Lyflo has benefited his practice in two ways. First, "people are looking for natural alternatives to the drugs they're taking due to the side effects of those drugs." Second, "Lyflo has benefited our practice because it helps our patients get better faster and stay healthy longer."

The manufacturers of Lyflo Select, who have years of experience in producing natural health supplements, designed the product line with chiropractors in mind. "Chiropractic care and natural health supplements are both expanding industries that are gaining acceptance among the general public," said CEO Jim Engels. "Lyflo Select unites the two industries in a way that will greatly benefit them both. We're so confident that these supplements will benefit their patients that we'll buy back what they don't sell."

Lyflo Select supplements were designed with high quality ingredients to address the leading problems faced by a majority of health consumers. The supplements include:

-- Joint Complex
-- Bone Complex
-- Cardio Defense with Policosanol
-- Cholesterol Defense with Soy Phytosterols
-- Antioxidant Complex
-- Inflammation Defense
-- Sleep Harmony
-- Respiratory Support
-- Digestive Harmony with Probiotics
-- Daily Fiber

Lyflo Select is a privately held company based in Watertown, S.D., focused on the development and distribution of natural health care products that help people renew their bodies. Lyflo Select's line of natural health supplements are exclusively distributed through chiropractors and other licensed health professionals. For more information, please visit .

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