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New Monthly Journal to Launch

ND News & Review addresses doctors in the growing Naturopathic medical profession.

Scottsdale, AZ -- March 29, 2005 – In response to the 12% annual rate of growth in the natural medicine profession, ND News & Review announces the launch of its new monthly trade publication for Naturopathic Doctors (NDs). ND News & Review is designed to keep NDs abreast of the latest industry news, as well as serve as a forum for the growing population of Naturopathic Doctors. Regular topics such as research, practice management, case studies, and business development are also featured in each issue.

“With the significant growth the natural medicine industry is experiencing, the need for this publication is now,” says Razi Ann Berry, business consultant and publisher of ND News & Review ( “Naturopathic Doctors are quickly becoming key players in the natural products industry as consumers seek advice and recommendations for natural alternatives.”

“With the almost overwhelming amount of choices in nutritional supplements available to the public, patients seek our counsel for clarification and education as to what the best choices are for their families,” says David A. Tallman, DC, ND, co-publisher and medical editor of ND News & Review and a naturopathic physician in private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona (

ND’s are licensed medical professionals, trained in the diagnosis and treatment of disease by use of natural modalities such as herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements, also referred to as nutraceuticals, in addition to conventional pharmaceuticals. Licensed Naturopathic Doctors are different from traditional “naturopaths,” as licensed NDs graduate from an accredited four-year, post graduate medical program where they study natural medicine along with the same clinical sciences as in a traditional medical school.

While naturopathic medicine is currently licensed in 14 states, a nationwide effort is underway to license all 50 states in order to offer safe access to all who seek natural medicine. The recent licensure of NDs in California has helped bring naturopathic medicine to the forefront

“Savvy companies are embracing natural wellness programs, as naturopathic medicine can help lower costs associated with employee illness and absenteeism by focusing on diet, preventive health, and stress management,” says Berry. “ND News & Review will be a useful tool for doctors of this growing medical specialty.”

About ND News & Review
ND News & Review is a monthly trade publication committed to the advancement of natural medicine by providing an open forum and promoting personal and professional development for licensed naturopathic doctors. Currently in the production stages, the monthly publication will launch its inaugural issue this June. More information can be found at

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