New Mountain High Yoghurt Promotes Healthy Digestion And Assists in Calcium Absorption

Each Cup Infused With Extra Vitamins, Protein and Fiber To Ensure Good Health

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Oct 29, 2003 -- Mountain High Yoghurt ( ), division of Dean Foods, today announced "Naturally Nutritious Yoghurt," a creamy smooth 99.5% fat-free treat for the taste buds and a healthy choice for the body. Naturally Nutritious Yoghurt includes the dietary fiber NutraFlora(R) that promotes a healthy digestive system.

NutraFlora (naturally found in fruit, vegetables and grains) assists in the absorption of calcium, strengthening the immune system, fighting infection, increasing metabolic energy, digesting food, producing vitamins and promoting regularity. Over 200 scientific publications have concluded that it is effective. NutraFlora offers 95% active ingredients. Its purity and consistency make it perfect for yoghurt -- the ideal addition to Naturally Nutritious Yoghurt.

"At Mountain High we have been packaging all-natural, premium quality Yoghurt for over 25 years," said Pam Vallone, General Manager of Mountain High Yoghurt. "From the beginning, we have remained true to our philosophy: wholesome, healthy food for all."

"True to our ideology, we proudly introduce Naturally Nutritious Yoghurt in an array of flavors to satisfy everyone's taste buds, including Mixed Berry, Peach Mango, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry, and Vanilla."

While there are many food products that promote dietary fibers, what they don't tell you on the label is how much you need to consume to experience the benefits. For example, some yogurts with natural dietary fibers claim to boost calcium absorption, but you would have to eat twenty (4 oz.) cups to equate to two (4 oz.) cups of Mountain High's "Naturally Nutritious Yoghurt."

Naturally Nutritious Yoghurt(TM) is available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington. For more information on the product, visit .

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