New Natural Beauty Travel Kits Inspired By Large Prairie Family

Take a Trip with Kathy’s Family

Plainfield, MA – There is nothing quite like the family vacation, especially if you are a member of Kathy’s Family. For Kathy Swanson, whose father is one of 12 siblings, family vacations mean quality time with dozens of extended family members on a prairie farm outside the town of Tyler, Minnesota (pop. 1,157). The new Travel Kit from Kathy’s Family captures the humor, values and country quality of life of her family.

New Travel Kit Features Real, Natural Products

The new Travel Kit is convenient for trips because it includes 1.25 ounce bottles of new Prairie Therapy Shampoo containing 64% organic ingredients and new Prairie Therapy Conditioner made from 88% organic ingredients. Prairie Therapy Shampoo gently and effectively cleanses the hair with a blend of natural plant extracts and proteins, while adding body and shine and is excellent for all hair types. Prairie Therapy Conditioner is a reconditioning moisturizer that detangles, repairs damage and adds shine. Natural grain extracts penetrate hair shafts for moisture retention and the light formula won’t weigh hair down.

The Travel Kit also features 1.25 ounce sizes of Kathy’s Family’s tried and true Bodywash Gel and Shea Butter Lotion in either of the three different aromatherapy formulas: 'early to rise' citrus, 'back to work' eucalyptus and 'call it a day’ lavender. Kathy’s Family Bodywash Gel contains no synthetic detergents or sodium lauryl sulfate offering a thick, rich and 100% natural, all-vegetable based bodywash gel that leaves skin feeling silky, smooth and satisfied. The Shea Butter Lotion protects against skin damaging weather elements while it soothes and moisturizes irritated and chapped skin softening, protecting and promoting skin healing.

The kit also contains an information card telling a funny story and showing a picture of Kathy and her brother Dale on their only vacation besides the trips to the family farm. Traveling with someone else’s family has never been easier or smelled so good! The suggested retail price for the new Travel Kit is $12.00.

Unique Products Inspired By Values & Lifestyle of a Large Minnesota Prairie Family

By using labels filled with witty anecdotes, descriptions of Kathy’s family members on the farm in Minnesota, and products made with wholesome and sensible ingredients that shout “good for you”, customers not only get a great natural product, they also become participants in the lives of a large farm family from the American heartland. The new gift packs are a lot like the Swansons: honest, hard working, trustworthy and down to earth. They do what they say they do and they work.

In addition to the many natural products featured in the new travel kit, Kathy’s Family products also include an all-natural Foot Therapy line (powders, scrubs, baths and balms), Mists, Bar Soaps, Soaks and a fun Saturday Night Bathtub gift pack and a Sample Kit. These products are available at a growing number of stores across the country and online at For more information call toll-free at 1-866-634-0008.

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