New from Nature’s Harmony® - SMARTFISH® Children’s Supplement

[Acton, ON –May 2005] – Say “hello” to the newest fish in the sea: SMARTFISH® from Nature’s Harmony®, is a fun, great-tasting and innovative Omega-3 fish oils supplement that retailers and consumers have never seen or tasted before now. Nature’s Harmony® SMARTFISH® is a stand out new product because parents will discover how easy it is to give to their kids, and kids will love the bright, colourful SMARTFISH “ketchup-style packets” and become hooked on its smooth, delicious taste.

The fish oil category has grown by leaps and bounds in the last five years, driven largely by continued positive press coverage and increased mainstream awareness of the benefits of omega-3s from fish oils, especially for children. In the US alone in 2003, consumer sales of fish oils were approximately $190 million. In 2004, that figure rose to $230 million and is expected to rise yet again in 2005 as fish oil providers such as Pronova Biocare expand their facilities to meet increased demands.

Fishing for a way to get children to take their fish oils?
Its strongest selling point: SMARTFISH makes it easy to get children to take their daily dose of essential omega-3s. From taste and texture to package design, SMARTFISH was formulated to encourage children to take their fish oil supplement regularly and happily thus securing their daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

One sachet of SMARTFISH provides a complete daily dosage of Omega-3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) for children, in a creamy emulsion with a light orange taste. The unique packaging method and single serving sachets guarantees no aftertaste or dreaded “fish burps,” and no smelly odour caused by unwanted exposure to light and oxygen. The sachet is easy to tear or cut along its perforation and squeeze directly into mouth, or onto a spoon.

Nature’s Harmony®: Where Science and Nature Come Together
Nature’s Harmony® SMARTFISH®
• One box contains 28 x 3.5 g sachets, delivering 340mg EPA and 225mg DHA per sachet
• Suggested retail price of $29.99 Cdn
• Sweetened with xylitol
• Contains premium quality molecular distilled fish oil from deep, cold water fish
• Exclusive to health food stores

Manufactured in Norway by Pharmalogica in a strict quality control environment, every production run of omega-3 carries full quality control documentation to ensure that all standards are maintained. The fish-oil, provided by Pronova Biocare, whose unique purification processes, molecular distillation included, produces a marine omega-3 oil that is free of PCBs, heavy metals and other man-made pollutants.

Chess Prodigy Represents SMARTFISH around the World
Chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen, the youngest chess Grand Master in the world, helps promote SMARTFISH through various promotional materials and SMARTFISH sponsored chess tournaments. Magnus’ parents were aware of the importance of omega-3s from fish oils, especially since chess players need excellent concentration skills, but Magnus didn’t always eat fish or take traditional fish oil supplements like cod liver oil. Now, Magnus enjoys SMARTFISH daily.

Nature’s Harmony will support the launch of this innovative new product with an equally innovative marketing and advertising strategy.

The introduction of SMARTFISH® is only one of the exciting new products being launched by the Nature’s Harmony® brand this year. In fact, 2005 will see the largest line expansion since the revitalization of the brand two years ago. In the first quarter alone, Nature’s Harmony® has added six exciting new products including Stevia packets, Chromium Picolinate, Time Released Melatonin, and the unique appetite control product SATISE®. The Nature’s Harmony® line, exclusive to natural health retailers, will expand even further over the year with more than a dozen new entries including, a complete line of adult and children’s multivitamins.

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Katherine Zia
[email protected]

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