New From Nutiva: Organic Flax Chocolate and Hemp Date Food Bars

Sebastopol, CA-- Health-conscious consumers are increasingly choosing omega-3-rich hemp and flax foods as part of a healthful, balanced diet. Nutiva is proud to add two new organic bars: our Flax and Chocolate, made with real chocolate, rice crisps, honey, and the nutritious seeds of flax, sesame, and sunflower; and our Hemp and Date, which includes seeds of hemp, sesame, and flax plus date pieces and honey.

The Flax Chocolate bar is 97% certified organic and the Hemp Date bar is 100% certified organic. (The lecithin in the Flax Chocolate bar is not organic; we are working to source the first organic lecithin in mid-2002.) According to Nutiva president John Roulac, "Our new bars are not only incredibly delicious, they are filled with omega-3 (the "good fat" that contributes to optimum health)."

Nutritional bars are a growing sector of the marketplace, and Nutiva is glad to increase the organic category. The two new bars add to Nutiva's current bar lineup of the Original Organic Hempseed Bar and the Organic Flax Raisin Bar. Nutiva has now sold more than 600,000 bars. The company's products are certified organic by QAI. For more information, contact Nutiva president John W. Roulac at [email protected], call (800) 993-4367, Ext. 201, or visit

Nutiva is America's leading hemp foods brand, offering nutritious hemp and flax seed bars, hemp chips, and cans of shelled hempseed. The company uses the finest organic ingredients, grown without pesticides and herbicides. Nutiva's products are offered nationwide by more than a thousand natural food retailers, including Whole Foods Markets and Wild Oats.

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