New Omega-3 Launch from Malee: Denomega Makes Progress in the Asian Juice Market

Denomega Nutritional Oils, the leading pioneer of taste and odor free Omega-3 solutions for the food and supplement markets, is excited to announce that Malee, Thailand has launched two great tasting juices containing Omega-Classic Powder.

The juices are 100% natural with no sugar added. They are marketed under the Malee Brand, Healti Plus series. The two flavors are: Triple orange juice and Blackcurrant with strawberry and white grape juice. Both flavors of Malee Healti plus have a nearly equal ratio of EPA:DHA Omega-3. These healthy juices are already available in major supermarkets, modern trade and retail stores.

“It’s great to see that the best companies in the market now recognize that foods with EPA and DHA Omega-3 provide many health benefits. More than 7000 clinical studies support the benefits of the EPA and DHA Omega-3”, says Denomega’s Commercial Director in Asia, Shirley Yong.

Denomega focuses exclusively on premium Omega-3 with excellent sensory qualities. This provides the significant advantage of specialized expertise in Omega-3. The Omega-Classic premium quality powder can be used in many applications in addition to beverages. It’s also ideal for use in nutritional bars, instant beverages and sports drinks.

Malee and Denomega have partnered to develop premium value fruit juice for the Thai market. “Malee has just introduced the premium fruit juice range called Malee Healti plus that contain additional benefits because we know that consumers are looking for fresh, delicious healthy fruit juice that offers more added value. Consumers are health conscious and need variety, that’s why we provide them both Orange juice and Blackcurrant juice mixed Omega-3. Because Omega-3 is so great for health, we still continue to develop new value added fruit juice under the Healti plus range to serve our loyalty consumers in the future”, says Head of Innovation Center in Malee, Ms. Worapojjanee Waedwongthong.

About Denomega Nutritional Oils
Denomega is the pioneer company behind the premium taste and odor free Omega-360 TM ingredients for use in Functional Foods and Dietary Supplements. Denomega’s range also includes Omega-3s for Clinical Nutrition and Pet Food. Denomega launched the first ever taste and odor-free Omega-3 ingredients. For more information about the company, please visit , and for more information about the health benefits of Omega-360TM , please visit or Marketing Manager, Elin Kubberød, [email protected]

About Malee Public Company Limited

Malee Public Company Limited is the leader in the marketing of fruit juice, canned fruit and cereal beverages. With expertise in all areas, such as, selecting raw materials, manufacturing, fruit processing and marketing the products domestically and abroad, we have the objective to ultimately serve customers from all walks of life. This reflects our vision, our reason for existence. For more information about the company, please visit

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