New portioning scales for convenience food manufacturers

New portioning scales for convenience food manufacturers

Bizerba cS 10 compact scales allow convenience food manufacturers to fill containers and trays in accordance with tolerance specifications.

Bizerba has developed the cS 10 compact scales. These allow convenience food manufacturers to fill containers and trays in accordance with tolerance specifications. The scales comply with protection class IP 69k/IP68, can be installed flexibly and even have a lithium-ion battery and a USB/RS232 port.

Perfect for convenience food manufacturers: the new cS10 compact scales
"A bar graph appears on the upper edge of the display with a bar that moves upwards in line with the weight. The employee watches it whilst he/she is filling up the product, thus meeting the target weight exactly," explains Dieter Conzelmann, Director of Industry Solutions at Bizerba. This is now more important than ever, as "under-filling is forbidden by law, and even slight over-filling will build up over time to form considerable material losses. This is something that no company can afford in the era of increasing raw material prices." As Conzelmann explains, this means that the return on investment is soon reached.

Also suitable for the metal and electronics industry
The cS 10 also comes into play in the metal and electronic industry – anywhere there are small parts to be picked. First, the user defines the average weight of the item by laying a certain number of screws on the loading plate, and then saves this as the reference weight in the scales' memory. The exact number of pieces is calculated using this reference weight.

Withstands harsh industry conditions (protection class IP 69k/IP68)
The LCD display can be changed at any time: it can show either the number of pieces or the weight. It is easy to read, even under bad lighting conditions, as the character height is 20 millimetres. Whether kilograms or pounds, the unit of measurement can be changed at any time.

High protection class, USB port and a powerful lithium-ion battery
The cS 10 can even withstand harsh industrial environments. The casing is made of stainless steel and meets protection class IP 69k/IP68, meaning that it is protected against dust andpowerful hose water. The operating unit is available in various designs: as a counter-top display, mounted on a stand or attached to a wall fixing. The scales can thus be optimally adjusted to local conditions. The user can set up the scales horizontally even when the surface beneath is slightly uneven, using the levelling foot screws and an integrated spirit level.

Other highlights include the large variety of ports and interfaces and a battery-operated design. Conzelmann: "We have integrated an 11.1 volt lithium-ion battery that charges via the power supply. It lasts for 18 hours and means that the scales can be moved around." They also have a USB port, RS 232 and static inputs and outputs.

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