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New probiotics with enzymes, fibers maintain flora balance

New probiotics with enzymes, fibers maintain flora balance
Virage Santé's new formulas are composed of probiotics, prebiotics, natural soluble fibers and plant enzymes.

Virage Santé offers Bifidofib and Lactofib, new completely natural solutions to maintain the balance of the intestinal flora, thus providing a formidable sensation of well-being. These innovative probiotics complete Virage Santé’s existing product line. They are composed of an original and efficient mix of probiotics, prebiotics, natural soluble fibers (form the acacia) and plant enzymes (from the pineapple and the papaya), and are completed with flavorful natural flavors of tangerine and berries.

Bifidofib and Lactofib's innovative and original formula stands out thanks to its ingredients and numerous health benefits. Indeed, Bifidofib and Lactofib are high sources of soluble fibers. They provide respectively 18 percent and 16 percent of the recommended daily amount of fiber. In addition to promoting digestion, enzymes reduce heartburn and inflammation. Probiotics and prebiotics add to the composition of Bifidofib and Lactofib and help in maintaining intestinal flora balance, in supporting good bacteria growth and installation throughout the digestive system, and in improving the immune system.

Bifidofib and Lactofib are perfectly suitable for diabetics and are free of gluten, GMOs and chemical preservatives. Bifidofib and Lactofib offer an easy to carry "one bag–one dose" format in powder form. Starting in January 2013, these products will be available in drugstores, natural products stores, supermarkets and through Virage Santé's online shop.


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