New Probiotics Sales Partnership for the Nutrition Industry

Walnut Creek, California - Nebraska Cultures Inc., a pioneer and leader in the natural food and nutritional supplement industry, announced today the selection of Wilke Resources Inc. of Lenexa, Kansas as exclusive U.S. sales agent for their Dr. Shahani’s® brand of probiotic raw materials.

After an extensive search for the best company to market Nebraska Cultures proprietary probiotic formulas, the principals of Nebraska Cultures unanimously decided to retain the services of Wilke Resources. The Wilke Company demonstrated a profound knowledge, scientific background and depth of experience to understand the unique selling features and customer needs for Dr. Shahani’s DDS-1 and other premium Dr. Shahani’s probiotics.

Robbin Shahani stated, “They understand the science and the rationale behind our probiotic formula and where it fits into the nutrition and food fortification markets.”

In 1981, Dr. Khem Shahani founded Nebraska Cultures, a company dedicated to cultivating premium probiotic raw materials supplying America’s foremost supplement manufacturers. Through pioneering research and innovative processes, Nebraska Cultures has become a true leader in the industry. Very few companies can boast of a successful 26 year history serving the nutrition industry. Michael Shahani noted, “Our father was very passionate about probiotics. Wilke is just as passionate about presenting manufacturers, researchers and formulators in the industry with the very best in raw materials, which includes the unique and effective Dr. Shahani’s® line of probiotics. They’re on the same wavelength so nothing will be lost in translation when it comes to customer service and product knowledge.”


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