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New Product Launch Brings Formulas From Nutritional Healing & Wellness Books to Life

Nutritional Healing Labs Signs Agreement With Industry Icon, Researcher and Best-Selling Author Phyllis Balch

PHOENIX, Jan 15, 2004 -- Nutritional Healing Labs, Inc. (NHL), a recently formed company headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, announced today it has signed an exclusive agreement with revered natural nutritionist, researcher and author Phyllis Balch. Terms of the agreement allow NHL to manufacture, market, distribute and sell products formed from the recommended ailment- and health-maintenance-specific nutrients Ms. Balch identifies in her best-selling books, including Prescription for Nutritional Healing and Prescription for Dietary Wellness.

Since its first release in the early 1990s, the 700+ page Prescription book, now its third edition, has been considered the "encyclopedia" of ailment-specific natural nutritional supplements by heath food professionals and scores of consumers. It is touted as "America's #1 Guide to Natural Health." The products will be sold under the brand name Phyllis Balch C.N.C. Nutritional Healing and will contain the "best of the best" nutrients in quality and effectiveness.

The Company

Nutritional Healing Labs was founded in 2002 for the initial purpose of delivering the "Balch System" product, thus bringing to life the career work of researcher, nutritionist and author Phyllis Balch. With the legal agreement now in place, NHL is the only company granted rights to produce Balch formula combinations in nutritional supplement form and market them with her endorsement as a researcher, author and industry pioneer. She will work closely with the company on product formulations, quality assurance and nutrient efficacy.

Danna Pratte, a former vice president with 30-year-old Aerobic Life Industries, a nutritional supplement company also headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, will be CEO and president of the company. Mrs. Pratte has served 8 years in the nutritional supplement industry and received her MIM (Master of International Management) in International Finance and Trade from The American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird) in 1997. Since joining Aerobic Life in 1996, Mrs. Pratte has helped revitalize the company's sluggish performance by increasing sales 50% and the product distribution base by 35%.

Laurence Royse will be the vice president of scientific affairs and product development for NHL. Mr. Royse also worked for Aerobic Life as chief researcher and product formulator. His 13 years with the company produced several new and impactful health products, including the top-performing and highly lauded MAG 07 colon cleanser. Mr. Royse will work closely with Ms. Balch on product formation to ensure formula accuracy, efficacy and quality control.

The product line will feature nutritional supplements packaged for specific ailments to better support specific body systems (eye, heart, immune). They will consist of nutrients prescribed in the Nutritional Healing book, providing key nutrients in one product. Formulas and recommendations from other Balch best-sellers and titles, including Prescription for Dietary Wellness and Prescription for Herbal Healing will also be used.

Nutritional Healing Labs is scheduled to roll-out its initial product offerings in February 2004, with the official launch set for the Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim in March. Initial products have not been released but are expected to be announced late January. The company will work with Ms. Balch to conduct on-going investigation into the best natural nutrients, providing the most up-to-date, effective products available for ailment-specific relief and healing.

Phyllis Balch

Phyllis Balch is an industry pioneer and a survivor. Diagnosed in the 1970s with severe illnesses, she took control of her own health management and discovered a path to better health through treating the causes instead of the symptoms. Because of this experience and her resulting passion, Ms. Balch became a researcher in the realm of natural remedies, studying how and why nutrients worked and which causes they eliminated. She is also a practicing nutritionist -- a counselor -- someone with a strong desire to share what she learns with others so they, too, may benefit. She not only counsels in person, but through her published research and writing. She is a best-selling author with several successful book titles to her credit, and all of them focus on health and wellness...the natural way.

The Connection

Upon the completion of one of the early revisions to her book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Mr. Royse, then the lead scientist and product development chief for Aerobic Life Industries, had an occasion to speak to Phyllis via phone about her recommended nutrients for specific ailments. A long-term scientific dialogue, and ultimately a trust and mutual admiration, was born. That was in the early 1990s. By the late-90s, the dialogue turned to focus on an intriguing notion. What if they could produce tablets containing her formulas so people could get what they need for their ailment from a single source -- where ingredients are researched, carefully integrated and maximized for performance -- instead of from several different companies offering individual products that were not specifically designed to work together?

After many discussions, and several years of planning, the NHL principals forged an agreement with Ms. Balch to produce and market daily health maintenance and ailment-specific products from her work and endorsed by the Balch name.

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