New Product From Living Essentials Nips Wine Headaches in the Bud

Survey of women shows demand for a safe supplement that prevents pain from drinking wine

WALLED LAKE, Mich., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Living Essentials, a biotech consumer products company, today announced the availability of Chaser for Wine Headaches, an all-natural, calcium-based supplement that helps prevent headaches caused by wine. Taken while drinking, Chaser's calcium-based formula absorbs elements in wine that cause headaches. The supplement's ingredients have achieved the FDA's GRAS safety rating (GRAS).

To find out more about the wine drinking habits of women, Chaser for Wine Headaches commissioned the Women & Wine Survey. The survey, sent to 1,400 women across the United States, asked questions about women's wine consumption and purchasing habits, preferences, and wine headaches. Nearly 700 women completed the survey.

Majority of Women Prefer Wine but Suffer from Wine Headaches

According to the survey, 97% of respondents said they enjoyed drinking wine, and 52% stated that wine was their first choice when ordering or buying an alcoholic beverage. Despite this preference for wine, 77% said they experience headaches during or after drinking wine. Of those who get wine headaches, 45% typically treat their wine headaches by taking aspirin or acetaminophen while another 45% typically treat their wine headaches by drinking a lot of water.

Survey results also showed that 88% of women said they would try a product that prevents wine headaches. When asked about the most important factors of such a product, women ranked product safety the highest, followed by FDA- approved ingredients and recommendation from a friend.

"These results clearly demonstrate the need among women for a safe product that prevents wine headaches," said Tom Morse, president of Living Essentials. "Chaser for Wine Headaches was developed specifically as a safe, all-natural preventative that has other health benefits because of its calcium-based components," he said.

Chaser for Wine Headaches Provides Safe Prevention

Chaser is comprised of activated calcium carbonate, an ingredient found in calcium supplements and antacids, and activated charcoal, a common detoxifier used in hospitals. The product interrupts the development of wine headaches by attracting and absorbing congener molecules, natural byproducts of the fermentation process that give wine and other alcoholic beverages flavor, aroma and color. When congeners enter the bloodstream they trigger the release of cytokines which are proteins that cause inflammation and lead to headache, body ache and nausea.

"Women need to be aware of the dangers of mixing aspirin or acetaminophen with wine or other types of alcohol. When taken with alcohol, aspirin can cause severe stomach irritation or even stomach bleeding. Acetaminophen can cause liver toxicity or even liver failure," said Morse. "Chaser for Wine Headaches is an effective and safe alternative to preventing wine headaches," he said.

Women Wield Wine Purchasing Power

The survey also showed that 77% of women make the majority of wine purchasing decisions for their households. A friend's recommendation was the most important factor when deciding which wines to buy (54%), followed by price (20%) and recommendation from a newspaper or magazine (14%). Most women spend $11-$15 per bottle (53%), and agree with the common stereotype that a woman holding a glass of wine is "sophisticated and sexy" (76%). When it comes to taste and color, 47% prefer red wine while 38% prefer white. Most women enjoy wine one to two nights per week (51%).

Chaser is available in select GNC stores nationwide or by calling 1-888-960-9495 or visiting .

About Chaser for Wine Headaches

Chaser for Wine Headaches is a safe, all-natural product that prevents wine headaches. Chaser's ingredients, activated calcium carbonate and vegetable carbon, have received the FDA's highest safety rating, GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). Chaser works in the stomach to attract and absorb headache-causing elements before they reach the bloodstream. Please visit for more information.

About Living Essentials

Living Essentials, located in Walled Lake, Michigan, is a biotech consumer products company that was formed to develop proven healthcare technologies and create brands and distribution around them.

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