New Product offering - Fall 2003

Oryzbran™ - a natural enzymatic protein extract made from rice bran containing water-soluble y-orzanol. Y-orzanol is a known source of ferulic acid which is known for its ability to help increase lean body mass and decrease fatigue after exercise. Oryzbran™ is also a source of sulphured amino acids that help improve the body’s antioxidant activities and decrease cell degradation.

Glutacarob™ - made 100% from carob seeds, is an enzymatic hydrolysate with a high protein content (~ 85%) and it contains the amino acids glutamine and arginine. Glutacarob™ helps metabolize accumulated fat in the human body and helps stimulate the immune system of people in catabolic states and people that have high oxidative stress. Glutacarob™ has been shown to reduce fatigue related with exercise and help prevent “overtraining syndrome.”

Lycium Berry Extract – is high in polysaccharides and is known for its anti-aging properties. Lycium Berry extract can help supply important nutrients such as betaine, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zeaxanthin, physalein and linoleic acid. These nutrients are needed for the proper functioning of cells, tissues and organs. Lycium Berry extract has been shown to inhibit precipitation of fat in liver cells while promoting the regeneration of liver cells. It also has been shown to help lower blood pressure and stimulate breathing.

Lutein – made 100% from marigold flowers to provide the highly purified “free-form” xanthophyll carotenoids Lutein and Zeaxanthin. These carotenoids are well-known for their antioxidant properties and have been shown to help maintain eye and skin health. Carotenoids are effective antioxidants and their role in inhibiting the progression of chronic diseases such as macular degeneration, cardiovascular disease and cancer are well-documented.

L-Theanine – an all-natural extract made 100% from green tea leaves; contains high levels of l-theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety while helping one maintain mental alertness and focus. L-Theanine also has been shown to help increase levels of GABA, a brain chemical known for its calming effects, and dopamine which can promote mood enhancement.

Octopamine HCL – standardized to 98% purity, this potent amino alkaloid naturally found in Bitter Orange, Citrus Aurantium, has strong lypolytic or fat burning activity in fat cells. Octopamine HCL stimulates beta-3 receptors in white fat cells to loosen stored fat and create thermogenisis. While brown fat cells do not store fat, they use fat to produce energy as heat. Octopamine HCL also has been shown to stimulate brown fat cells to help create energy and liberate calories thereby increasing overall thermogenisis. Octopamine HCL is a safe and effective alternative to ephedrine in weight loss formulas.

Zhi Shi Polymethoxylated Flavones (PMS) – standardized to 30% PMS, including Nobiletin and Tangeretin, these unique flavones are naturally found in Bitter Orange, Citrus Aurantium. PMS have been shown to lower cholesterol and also have been shown to have inhibiting effects on breast cancer and colon cancer.

Evodiamine – standardized to 10% evodiamine, this all-natural extract is made from the dried fruit of Wu Zhu Yu or Evodia rutacarpa. Evodiamine is an alkaloid that has been shown to have strong thermogenic properties beneficial in the promotion of weight loss and stimulation of fat breakdown.

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