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Organic probiotic cheese
Leading dairy producer chooses probiotic ingredient, GanedenBC30™, to power organic probiotic cheese. Next Generation Organic Dairy, has introduced a new line of gourmet, probiotic-fortified cheese and cheese sticks made with certified organic raw milk, inspired by the growing body of evidence demonstrating the benefits of probiotics in a wide variety of health conditions.
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Zevia sodasDiet-soda alternative with stevia
Seattle-based Zevia has created a sugar-free alternative to diet soda. Zevia is a carbonated stevia supplement offered in three flavours: Zevia Natural Cola, Natural Orange and Natural Twist. It is made with all-natural ingredients without the addition of sugar, fat, or artificial sweetener, artificial colour or preservatives. The extract from the stevia leaf, also known as 'sweet leaf,' contains less than one calorie, has no effect on blood-sugar levels and offers up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar.


Phytonutrient juice launched in Mexico
A fruit juice with phytonutrients has been launched in Mexico — the first of its kind in that nation. The new peach juice claims to provide overall wellness and boost the immune system. The product contains Chr Hansen's Vegex NC2 beta-carotenes.

Swiss Miss Pick-Me-Up CocoaFortified hot cocoas
Swiss Miss, a product line of ConAgra Foods, has introduced two functional hot-cocoa beverages. Swiss Miss Pick-Me-Up Cocoa contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, plus the calcium and vitamin D equivalent to a glass of milk. Swiss Miss Great Start Cocoa features 15 essential vitamins and minerals and as much calcium as an 8oz cup of milk. Both cocoas contain only 110 calories and 2g of fat per serving.

Benefits of red wine and more
NeoCell Corp is offering Reversitall Plus, made from selected food-grade ingredients, including patent-pending Reversitall. Reversitall is supported by Phase I clinical studies, proven to reduce cell oxidation, deliver higher antioxidant activities and reduce super-oxide dismutase activities by 35 per cent. The company says its Reversitall ingredient achieves a significantly better result than Resveratrol extracted from Polygonum cuspidatum (Japanese knotweed). Reversitall Plus is a blend of alcohol-free red wine, Muscadine grapes, grape cluster stems and grapevine extracts. The combined components create a highly anti-oxidative supplement with naturally occurring Trans-Resveratrol, Trans-e-Viniferin, OPCs and polyphenols, making it possible to obtain all of the benefits of red wine in a daily dietary supplement.

Kibow Flora prebiotic and probiotic combinationSupplement for metabolic syndrome
Kibow Biotech of Pennsylvania has launched Kibow Flora, the first prebiotic and probiotic combination specifically developed for metabolic syndrome. The new range also includes Kibow C-12 peptide, Kibow Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Kibow L-Theanine.

With 31 foods and herbs, Cell-nique is a new formula to support and promote cleansing, nourishment and rejuvenation of the body's cells. From açai to blue-green algae, the supplement contains superfruits, supergreens, proteins, herbs and natural sweeteners. The ready-to-go beverages come in five flavours.

Superfruit barsSuperfruits in a bar
A new superfruit-bar line from Ventura, California-based thinkproducts, thinkFruit, incorporates the flavours of pomegranate, açai, goji berry and noni fruit, along with high-protein ingredients such as dates, cashews, peanuts and almonds. The bar is soy and gluten free, and contains less fat than the average fruit-and-nut snack bar, the company says. Flavours include Chocolate, Pomegranate Power, Cashew Açai Protect, Peanut Goji Glow, and Apple Noni Nourish. In addition, the company's thinkGreen bar includes blueberry and noni among its ingredients, along with chlorella and spirulina.

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