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New products

Lower-calorie açai juice line
Bossa Nova Beverage Group in Los Angeles has launched a line of pure açai juices, which offer more than 50 antioxidants, as well as a lower-glycaemic index and fewer calories than traditional juices. Available in three flavours — original açai, mango-açai and passionfruit-açai — Bossa Nova is sold in 10oz glass bottles in the refrigerated section of grocery stores. In a recent laboratory study, antioxidants from açai fruit juice demonstrated anticancer activity against human leukaemia cells, Bossa Nova reports.
+1 310 566 7851

Protein-enriched tortillas
Tumaro's Gourmet Tortillas has created a line of flatbreads with Solae soy protein. The new Soy-full Heart flatbreads are the first nationally distributed soy-fortified flatbreads in the US and come in three varieties: Wheat, Soy & Flax; 8 Grain 'N Soy; and Apple 'N Cinnamon. The tortillas are also the first to carry the 'Good Source of Whole Grains' stamp by the Whole Grains Council. Soy-full Heart flatbreads have 4g of fibre and 6g of protein. The flax in the Wheat, Soy & Flax flavour adds 420mg of omega-3s. All varieties are 92 per cent fat free, have no trans fats, are low cholesterol and sodium, and are certified kosher.
+1 800 325 7108

High-content EPA and DHA capsules
Nordic Naturals' new EPA Xtra omega-3 fatty acid supplement delivers a high concentration of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) for consumers seeking the benefits of more EPA or simply more functional omega-3s in fewer capsules. With a 4:1 ratio of EPA to DHA, this super-concentrated formula offers an 84 per cent overall omega-3 content, the highest concentration available in the industry, the company says. One serving of two lemon-flavoured capsules provides 1,300mg of EPA and DHA (1,060mg EPA and 274mg DHA). Consumers can meet the internationally recommended daily minimum of 650mg of EPA and DHA in just one capsule a day.
+1 800 662 2544

Multi-ingredient joint capsule
X-Motion, a new joint and soft tissue health formula, features BioCell Collagen II, a patented, natural hydrolysed collagen ingredient. BioCell Collagen II nourishes joints with a patented matrix of hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate and hydrolyzed type II collagen proteins, as well as other proteoglycans including glucosamine.
In addition, X-Motion contains bromelain, calcium, zinc magnesium, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and esterfied fatty acids complex, a joint lubricant. It is sold in 150-capsule, 30-day supply bottles.
+1 714 632 1231

Nutrient mints for smokers
A Colorado company has launched a nutrient-enriched breath mint designed to combat the effects of smoking. ReplenishMints contain a blend of vitamins C and E, selenium, n-acetyl cysteine, resveratrol, quercetin, alpha-lipoic acid, co-Q10 and epigallocatechin gallate.
The concept behind the mints is to help boost the defence system and combat the free radicals contained in tobacco smoke, its maker, Tabacur LLC, explains. The mints are sold in cinnamon and mint flavours in the North American market.
+1 866 384 7521

Ocean Spray white cranberry concentrate
Ocean Spray ITG has launched the world's first commercially available white cranberry concentrate. Harvested one month before the red colour of the cranberry develops, white cranberry concentrate has a lower acidity level and delivers a delicate colour and flavour profile. The concentrate's colour and mild taste allow it to combine well with other fruits, while retaining all the health properties of the North American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon). Both the white and red cranberry have the same high proanthocyanidin and antioxidant content.
+44 1775 842100

Flax and cranberry ingredient
Bioriginal has unveiled a flax-based ingredient product, BioFlaxElite with Cranberry. The formula allows Bioriginal's customers to offer two well-recognized ingredients in one supplement. BioFlaxElite with Cranberry is available in turnkey packaging of vacuum-sealed foil bags in various sizes.
+1 306 975 1166

Natural flavour enhancer for gluten-free foods
Nikken Foods Co has a new Wheat-Free Non-GMO Natural Flavor Enhancer (7203). A blend of naturally fermented soy sauce, salt and yeast extract, spray dried on a maltodextrin carrier, Nikken's Natural Flavor Enhancer (7203) meets the requirements for use in gluten-free processed foods. It is light tan in colour and completely soluble in water with a very mild taste, similar to a beef stock.
+1 636 532 1019
[email protected]

Cooking oil line free of trans fats
Dow AgroSciences has unveiled a new line of oils, available in commercial quantities for restaurants and cafeterias, which contain zero trans fats and lower saturated fats than regular cooking oils. The oils are produced from the company's specially bred NEXERa canola and sunflower seeds, and have a unique combination of high oleic and low linolenic fatty acid content. The oils can provide a 50 per cent longer fry life for food-service applications.
+1 317 337 4807

Four transparent colours by CHR Hansen
CHR Hansen has extended its ColorFruit range of natural colours with four transparent shades that are tailor-made for making clear beverages. The ColorFruit range covers all shades from yellow to violet, but is based on just two pigments, natural carotene and anthocyanins. The excellent stability of the new, transparent colours owes much to a unique technology, which optimizes the intermolecular relationships of the colour molecules and creates colours with superior heat and light stability, the company says.
[email protected]

White jade snail extract
An extract from China's white jade snail, used for years as a culinary delicacy, is now available as a food supplement. Part of the Helicidae family, Gastropoda class, the snail contains 20 types of essential amino acids and is low in fat (two per cent). It has traditionally been used to boost the immune system, enhance sexual performance, and to prevent cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases. Cosmetically it has been used for its regenerative abilities to treat acne, acne scars, age spots and wrinkles, says its manufacturer, Iris Trade Inc. The company has been selling the ingredient in Brazil and is now introducing it to the North American market.
+1 718 793 2367
[email protected]

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