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New products

DreamerzSnacks to aid sleep
Brand New Brands has launched Dreamerz Foods, creators of a new category of natural products that promote healthy sleep and relaxation. Dreamerz Foods is the fourth company launched by the incubator, and its first products are coming out this winter in the US. They include a line of beverages: chocolate s'nores, vanilla van winkle and cr?me de la REM. They contain 0.3mg of melatonin, as well as the company's Dreamerz REM Blend (207mg), lactium hydrolysed casein, and stevia. Seven out of 10 users felt Dreamerz improved their sleep quality, the company reports. Leading the new company is Amanda Steele, a veteran of the beverage division of Nestlé USA where she helped launch new brands including Nescafé Frothé and Nescafé Ice Java.
+1 415 339 4260

XanGo goes online
XanGo Juice, a nutritional beverage made from the whole mangosteen fruit, is available online for the first time to US consumers. XanGo first introduced the mangosteen fruit to the global market four years ago. Prior to the introduction of XanGo's market-leading dietary supplement, the mangosteen and its beneficial properties were largely unknown outside of Southeast Asia. XanGo Juice contains a concentrated source of xanthones, a family of vigorous phytonutrients. One 25.35fl oz bottle retails for $37.50, plus shipping. XanGo's operations include the US, Japan, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada.
+1 801 816 8000

Joint formula with shea nut
In February, BSP Pharma launched FlexNow Joint Formula in the US. In test markets since June 2006, it has been a No 1 selling product in many natural-products stores, the New Jersey-based company reports. Reportedly faster-acting than most natural joint products, the formula helps reduce joint inflammation. The active ingredient in FlexNow is a complex of triterpenes extracted from the shea nut. Shea nuts are harvested in the wild in West Africa, and the oil from the nuts has been used for centuries as a food product. Shea nuts contain a unique concentration of triterpenes, which were tested by BSP Pharma for their anti-inflammatory properties. Reports on these studies are available at FlexNow Joint Formula was one of only seven dietary-supplements products considered by the FDA in 2004 to meet all the safety and toxicology requirements under the DSHEA.
+1 877 778 1212
[email protected]

Fruit flavours for dairy
Quest International, the flavour firm recently acquired by Givaudan, has launched a range of fruit flavours based on components that strive to precisely replicate the flavours of real fruit at various stages of ripeness. Targeted at the dairy and beverage markets, particularly in Germany, France, Benelux and the UK, the Berrysense range includes strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, cranberry, blackberry, gooseberry, blueberry and mixed berries. More than 40 per cent of all new yoghurt products globally are berry flavoured, with the most popular being strawberry. With 2005 sales of $560 million, Quest is headquartered in the Netherlands.
+31 35 699 9111

Natural teas with noni
Tahitian Noni International's new Tahitea line contains five natural teas that provide the health benefits of noni — the antioxidant-rich plant found in French Polynesia. The teas are caffeine free, rich in antioxidants, and support proper digestion and feelings of relaxation, the company says. The formulas include: Tahitea Authentic Founder's Formula; Tahitea Calming Tahitian Serenity with chamomile, lavender and hibiscus; Tahitea Tahitian Earl Grey; Tahitea Spiced Chai; and Tahitea Noni Lemon Iced Tea.
+1 877 474 6786

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