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New products

Natural, vegan soup line
A new line of natural, vegan soups contains 16 flavours and utilises packaging that is safe in the microwave and easy to transport. Called Fantastic World Foods' Soup Cups, they are chef-designed recipes by HomeGrown Natural in California. Some of the soups are also kosher; gluten or yeast free; low in fat; or a good source of fibre, iron or other specific vitamins — all of which is stated on the packaging. Among the flavours are green onion miso with tofu, vegetarian chicken noodle, Baja black bean and Southwest tortilla bean.
+1 707 254 3700

Powder for healthy blood sugar
Florida-based Nutrix Naturals has created a formula to promote healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Called Fenu-Well, it's made of pure fenugreek seed extract, along with alfalfa seed and ginger root. It is rich in choline; potassium; magnesium; calcium; vitamins A, B1 and C; mucilaginous fibre; proteins high in lysine and tryptophan; flavonoids (apigenin, luteolin, orientin, quercetin, vitexin and isovitexin); and saponins. Made in a powder to promote easier absorption in the body, it tastes pleasant and should be mixed with water, the company says. The recommended dose is 1tsp twice a day.
+1 888 955 5655

Bioavailable co-Q10 formula
Pure Q10 by Pure Prescriptions is a patent-pending formula composed of highly bioavailable coenzyme Q10. Each 100mg softgel capsule contains all-natural ingredients, and its gelatine shell colour is derived from turmeric, free of synthetic dyes. Each softgel contains AMT coenzyme Q10 (CoQsol-CF) 100 mg, vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopherol) 125 IU, tocotrienols (from rice) 25mg, d-alpha-tocotrienol 11mg, D-gamma-tocotrienol 14mg, mixed tocopherols 103mg, D-delta-tocopherol 21mg, and D-gamma-tocopherol 50mg.
+1 800 860 9583

Liquid supplement for kids
A liquid dietary supplement for kids provides essential fatty acids and other nutrients important to help support learning and memory and for the proper development of the nervous system during the growing years. Called Genius Kids and Teens, one serving contains: wild tuna oil (non-GMO) 1000mg; other fish oil 1000mg; borage seed oil (20 per cent GLA) (non-GMO) 150mg; organic flaxseed oil 320mg; soy lecithin, rich in phosphatidyl choline (non-GMO) 15mg; and vitamin E (non-GMO) 10iu. It is made by Quebec-based Nutripur.
+1 877 688 7478

Acne treatment reaches UK
F2F treatment with the active ingredient Praventin is now available in the UK. It has previously been launched in nine other countries. Praventin, a dairy peptide by DMV International, enhances the body's natural defences to fight the bacteria that cause acne, supporting a healthy complexion from within. It has recently been nominated for the best ingredient innovation award at the 2006 Health Ingredients Europe Show. A recent study demonstrated that oral intake of F2F is statistically and clinically significant in reducing the blemishing associated with acne affecting both the face and body, showing a 71 per cent decrease in blemishes after one month and 95 per cent after two months.
+1 607 746 0100

Whole-food nutrition bar
Tzu Thé International in Georgia has created a whole-food green tea nutrition bar that is all natural and cold processed for optimum enzyme activity. It contains EGCG-rich green-tea leaves and Sapporo brewer's yeast (no alcohol). It's a good source of fibre, vitamin B1, calcium, iron, selenium, magnesium, iodine and nine essential amino acids, the company says. Ingredients include sprouted whole-grain brown rice, whole grains (oats, buckwheat), whole-grain rye, sesame seeds, green-tea leaves, green-tea powder, konnyaku fructose, flaxseeds, and bamboo salt. It contains no GMO ingredients or preservatives.
+1 770 800 9898

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