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New formula for bladder function
NorthStar Nutritionals has launched UroLogic, a natural supplement for urinary function, in the US. Designed to support strong urinary function, bladder strength and bladder tone, the proprietary formula contains the Western herb horsetail, traditionally used to address urinary health issues; the Ayurvedic herb Crateva, which improves bladder tone; and added minerals to support nerve transmission.
This formula from BioLogic Health Solutions has demonstrated positive results in human clinical research, the company says. Additional clinical studies are currently under way. The product became available in Europe at the beginning of the year.
+ 1 800 311 1950
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Supplement rich in omega-3s and vitamin D
Anew supplement by Wysong Corp, O-Mega, provides a concentrated source of natural vitamin D3 at a dose research is now showing is important during the fall and winter months. Two sources of omega-3 fatty acids from fish and flax oils are also included, as well as borage oil rich in CLA.
O-Mega is tested free of mercury and other organic toxins, the company says, and it is stabilized with Wysong Oxherphol natural antioxidant.
+1 989 631 0009

Gluten-free cereal Perky O's
Enjoy Life Natural Brands has launched a line of nut- and gluten-free cereals called Perky O's. Available in original, apple cinnamon and frosted flavours, the cereals are vitamin fortified and rich in whole grains. Perky O's original flavour has 30 per cent less sugar than comparable cereals, and all three versions are Kosher pareve, as well as vegan.
+1 888 473 7597

Antioxidant-rich Wunderbar
Intelligent Nutrients in Minnesota has created an organic food bar with the antioxidant power of 12oz of broccoli or 3.2lb of tomatoes. Called Wunderbar, the bar contains oils derived from the nucleus of the chardonnay grape, black cumin, and pumpkin and black raspberry seeds. The cold-pressed oils are extracted without heat or friction. High in fibre, the bar also contains organic nondairy dark chocolate, organic agave, organic wheatgrass powder, flaxseed and organic erythritol (a new plant-derived sweetener with zero calories and a glycaemic index of zero).
+1 800 311 5635

Refrigeration-free yoghurt
Yokit, a new patent-pending instant yoghurt product, combines the nutritional benefits of yoghurt without the need for refrigeration. With a shelf life of more than one year, Yokit can be mixed up in under a minute with water and eaten with a disposable spoon that is included in the packaging. It is both fat free and rich in calcium, and contains prebiotics, its manufacturer says.
+1 512 773 7815

3-TriLean for body composition
Soft Gel Technologies' new 3-TriLean formula contains three ingredients that have been scientifically proven to assist in attaining a healthy body composition: GlucoTrim, for balanced blood sugar; Clarinol CLA, for fat loss without muscle loss; and Phase 2 to neutralize starches.
When combined with exercise and sound food choices, 3-TriLean may help facilitate slow, steady weight loss, and improve body composition, the California company reports.
The decade-old company specialises in the development of dietary supplements delivered in soft gel systems.
+1 323 726 0700
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