New products - June 2009

Certified-organic chia seed
Navitas Naturals recently introduced certified-organic chia seed to the North American marketplace. Chia seed is an ancient, nutrient-dense superfood sustainably harvested in the highlands of Mexico. It offers a unique blend of protein, fibre, essential fats, antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals (notably calcium, B vitamins, zinc, boron, potassium, copper and phosphorus); it also is a rich source of fatty acids and essential amino acids.

Two new flavours of organic chocolate
Socially responsible chocolatiers Shaman Chocolates has added two new flavours to its previous line-up of seven gourmet, organic chocolate bars. The 2oz bars are sold for $3, with all the profits donated to the Huichol Indians, the last tribe of indigenous people in North America to have maintained their pre-Columbian traditions. Shaman Chocolates blends pure, certified-organic and fair-trade chocolate with some of the healthiest superfoods to create the new Organic Dark Chocolate with Açai, Lemon and Orange, as well as the new Organic Dark Chocolate with Green Tea and Ginger.

New resveratrol product
Jarrow Formulas recently released Resveratrol Synergy, which contains the flavonoid resveratrol, plus catechins (green tea), anthocyanins (grape skin), and pro-anthocyanins (OPCs from grape seed). Each of these ingredients contributes something unique to promote health, the company says.

Effervescent multivitamin drink
Vitalah has introduced Oxylent, which the company calls a great-tasting, superior-quality supplement that effectively delivers a blend of enzymes, electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins and minerals. It is sweetened with stevia and 1.75g of natural fructose in each 6.5g packet. Oxylent is currently available in two flavours, Sparkling Berries and Sparkling Mandarin.

Chewable prenatal vitamins
Blossems are new chewable vitamins from Bloom'en Nutrition for women who are expecting. Rebecca Niehus, CEO, who has spent 10 years in the vitamin industry, became pregnant and realized that trying to swallow a prenatal pill while suffering from morning sickness was a nightmare. Blossems are designed to be easy to eat, and their ginger-orange flavour is mild for women who are sensitive to strong flavours. Each chew contains the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, as well as provides folic acid, vitamin D and lutein.

Superfruit spreads
Crofter's Organic recently introduced a line of superspreads, made from premium organic fruit and fair-trade sugar, which contain antioxidants of all kinds. The four new flavours include: Classic Cranberry and Blueberry, Exotic Blend of Maqui Berry and Passionfruit, Old World Pomegranate and Black Currant, and Yumberry and Raspberry.

Substitute for peanut butter
In the midst of the two-fold crisis of increasingly prevalent allergic reactions to peanuts, as well as the peanut salmonella scare, Hilton Soy Foods introduced SoyButter. With a taste that is a one-to-one substitute, SoyButter offers a replacement to peanuts and peanut butter in almost any product, the company says. Hilton Soy Foods is the leading soy manufacturer of "field to table," peanutty-tasting non-GMO toasted soy ingredients.

Barlív featured in fruit juice
Cargill's Barlív barley betafibre is the featured ingredient in Bolthouse Farms' new Heart Healthy Pear Merlot fruit juice. Barlív is a natural soluble fibre clinically proven, at amounts as low as 3g per day, to reduce LDL cholesterol by as much as 9.5 per cent without reducing HDL cholesterol, when consumed as part of a diet low in saturated fat. Each serving of Heart Healthy Pear Merlot contains 0.75g of Barlív.

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