New Research Indicates TONALIN(R) CLA Helps Prevent Regain of Body Fat Among Those Taking Supplement for Two Years

Long-term study suggests significant effects on body composition

October1, 2003, LaGrange, IL— TONALIN® Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) helps prevent regain of body fat among those taking the supplement for two years, according to new research findings.

Preliminary study results will be presented at the SupplySide West international trade show and conference in Las Vegas on Oct. 2 by Heather Nelson Cortes, Ph.D., research scientist, Cognis Nutrition & Health.

“In this study, Dr. Jean-Michel Gaullier (Scandinavian Clinical Research, Norway) concluded that supplementation with CLA is a safe way to help those who have lost body fat to keep it off,” Dr. Nelson Cortes explained.

This research is a one-year continuation of the original 12-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 180 overweight subjects. In the first year, subjects were randomized in one of three groups: placebo (olive oil), or CLA as either a free fatty acid or a triglyceride. In the second 12-month phase of the study, all subjects took CLA supplements as triglycerides. TONALIN® CLA supplementation appeared to prevent subjects in the two CLA groups from regaining the 8 percent of body fat they lost in the first year. The participants that had been on a placebo the first year and then took CLA for 12 months experienced a 5 percent reduction in body fat.

Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry was used to determine body composition. The research included analysis of lifestyle factors such as diet and training. In addition, the long-term safety of TONALIN® CLA was supported through recording of all side effects during the study, and analyses of blood parameters. The research from the first phase of the study is
expected to be published early next year.

“This new research adds an important new dimension to the numerous studies on TONALIN® CLA that have consistently demonstrated its ability to reduce body fat in humans for overall body composition,” said Kathleen Moran, Global Market Segment Manager, Dietary Supplements. “Dr. Gaullier’s study is the first to show no regain of body fat mass among those taking TONALIN® CLA for 24 months, and is also the first to examine CLA’s efficacy and effects long term. These results should further confirm the merits of TONALIN® CLA’s proprietary isomer profile to the industry and consumers alike,” according to Ms. Moran.

This new clinical research adds to the totality of evidence supporting the health benefits of TONALIN® CLA. TONALIN® is the only brand of CLA backed by eight studies published in peer-reviewed journals that demonstrate CLA’s excellent health advantages. Cognis is currently pursuing other studies to further demonstrate the health benefits and body fat reduction aspects of Tonalin®.

TONALIN® CLA – an exclusively licensed product of the Cognis Group – is the brand that has been used in the most clinical research confirming CLA’s benefits for human health. CLA is a polyunsaturated, conjugated fatty acid that is a natural part of the human diet found primarily in meat and dairy products. The CLA content of natural dairy products has fallen over time, and the human body now needs to supplement its consumption of CLA from other sources. TONALIN® CLA is extracted through a new proprietary process that converts linoleic acid from safflowers into CLA which provides the highest activity available at 80 percent.

For information in North America about TONALIN® brand CLA, please call 800.673.3702 to place an order, e-mail [email protected], or fax 513.482.3576. For information in Europe, call +49.211.7940.9692, e-mail [email protected], or fax +49.211.798.2390. For information in Asia Pacific, call +61.3.9584.4588, e-mail [email protected], or fax +61.3.9584.8348.

About Cognis:
Cognis ( is a worldwide supplier of innovative specialty chemicals and nutritional ingredients with almost 9,000 employees in close to 50 countries. The company has dedicated its activities to a high level of sustainability and delivers natural-source raw materials and ingredients for food, nutrition and healthcare markets, and the cosmetics, detergents and cleaners industries. Additionally, Cognis provides solutions for a number of other industries, such as coatings and inks, lubricants, textiles and plastics, as well as agriculture and mining.

Cognis is owned by private equity funds advised by Permira, GS Capital Partners, and Schroder Ventures Life Sciences. In 2002, Cognis recorded sales of 3.1 billion euros and an operating profit before depreciation, amortization and exceptional items (EBITDA recurring) of 393 million euros. A turnover of 748.6 million euros was achieved in the first three months of 2003.

Cognis Nutrition & Health, a business unit of Cognis Group, provides antioxidant (including natural vegetable sterol esters), botanical and nature-based ingredients for dietary supplements; pharmaceuticals and healthcare; functional foods and medical nutrition; and animal nutrition. As a leader in food technology, Cognis manufactures emulsifiers, emulsifier-based compounds, and numerous other specialty products for the food industry worldwide.


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