New research shows Longvida Optimized Curcumin lowers beta-amyloids

New research shows Longvida Optimized Curcumin lowers beta-amyloids

New clinical trial data from Ohio State found that Verdure Sciences' Longvida Optimized Curcumin lowers beta-amyloid protein, which is thought to be involved with aging and Alzheimer’s.

New clinical trial data has been presented from studies performed at The Ohio State University on Longvida® Optimized Curcumin. Results from a 30-day placebo-controlled randomized trial (RCT) showed a single capsule of Longvida® (containing 80mg curcumin) significantly improved a number of markers, including plasma amyloid-beta and a range of inflammatory and oxidative markers.

This study, performed by Dr. Robert DiSilvestro, Ph.D., Professor in the Department of Human Nutrition at Ohio State, is slated for publication in an international peer-reviewed medical journal.

“I think what was interesting about this study is that we saw a number of effects, not just one thing,” said Dr. DiSilvestro. “The kinds of effects we saw for the intervention could conceivably help people of different ages and health status.”

Added Dr. DiSilvestro, “We looked at beta-amyloid protein, which is thought to be involved with aging and possibly Alzheimer’s disease. We found that it was actually lowered a little bit with Longvida®. The effect was not tremendously large, but it was statistically significant and I think important because we gave such a small dose for a relatively short time.”

”To our knowledge, this is one of the first human trials on curcumin to show statistically significant effects on clinical endpoints in a healthy population,” said Blake Ebersole, Technical Director of Verdure Sciences. “The fact that such a low dose was needed to achieve effects in only 30 days is an interesting and unique finding as well, and adds to the substantial amount of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data compiled on Longvida®.”

These findings are discussed in “Optimized Curcumin: Myth Versus Fact”, a Scientific White Paper just released by Verdure Sciences and available at The White Paper also reveals some surprising facts about various forms of ‘enhanced’ curcumin, and discusses why all curcumin supplements are not created equal.

Epidemiological research shows that amyloid-beta, a polypeptide that plays a significant part in healthy brain aging, begins accumulating during middle age. Together with hyperphosphorylated tau, inflammation and oxidative stress, amyloid-beta is a key contributor to health issues faced by millions of people in the U.S. alone. While ongoing research by UCLA neuroscientists seeks to understand the effects of Longvida® on these underlying mechanisms, in vivo and human data suggests Longvida® may be one of the first compounds known to address each of these major factors.

“These findings are consistent with previous data from several major universities suggesting that beta-amyloid can be bound by curcumin and may be cleared from the brain,” said Ebersole. “The clinical trial results are very exciting, and we anticipate more to follow.”

About Longvida®

Longvida® Optimized Curcumin is the result of ten years and nearly two hundred formulas tested in vivo and clinical models. Developed by collaborators at UCLA and Verdure Sciences, Longvida® is one of the only curcumin supplement ingredients to undergo systematic “gold-standard” randomized controlled trials for both efficacy and safety. The curcumin in Longvida® is derived from 100% natural turmeric root, and is made according to the strictest standards for quality and purity. Longvida® is not made using ingredients from crude soy, volatile oils or glucuronidation inhibitors. Longvida® is backed by groundbreaking pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics data revealing the potential of the free, non-metabolized form of curcumin in a number of trials. For more information, please visit

About Verdure Sciences™:

Verdure Sciences offers innovative bionutritionals through the integration of agricultural networks, manufacturing control and university-based, cutting-edge research. With an expanding pipeline of proprietary, standardized botanical ingredients supported by pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and clinical research profiles, we work toward our unified vision to offer access to safe, effective health solutions to populations worldwide.


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