New Science Supports Brain-boosting Effects of Enzogenol® Pine Bark Extract

ENZO Nutraceuticals, manufacturer of Enzogenol® pine bark extract, announced today new science supporting the brain-boosting effects of their New Zealand pine bark extract. After only 5 weeks of treatment, researchers found significant improvements on short-term memory tasks that are important for assessing cognitive performance with age.

At the Brain Sciences Institute of Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia, the groups of Dr. Andrew Pipingas and Professor Richard Silberstein investigated the effects of Enzogenol on cognition. The results of this double-blind, controlled trial in 42 men, ages 50-65, are published in the September issue of Phytotherapy Research (Vol.22(9) p1168, Dr. Pipingas used a set of computer-based cognitive tests, developed by his group, that measure different aspects of brain function. “Our results are very interesting for several reasons,” said Dr. Pipingas. “In comparison to other herbal extracts we have studied, the effects seen with Enzogenol seem to be quite rapid. The 5-week study period we chose was quite short. And within this relatively short treatment, we saw significant improvements in performance on our spatial working memory (SWM) task and on the immediate recognition memory (IRM) task. Generally, the decline in performance on these tasks correlates well with age. This means that for an average population, when you compare young with older people, the performance on these tasks declines year by year. The performance improvements that we saw with Enzogenol over the control group were equivalent to about 7 years for the SWM task and 12 years for the IRM task. We are very excited by this finding, and will investigate this in further studies.”

To shed some light on what might be going on in the brain that could lead to the improved performance, a second part of the study investigated changes to brain electrical activities. The analysis of this data showed changes in brain activities in the Enzogenol group that were not seen in the control group, involving the way different brain regions interacted with each other. According to Prof. Silberstein, “This meant that Enzogenol seemed to improve the way different brain regions interacted or talked to each other, which could explain why we saw the performance increase on the cognitive tasks.” The scientific publication of this second part of the study is still underway.

“About the mechanisms behind these effects, we are unsure,” said Dr. Pipingas. “However, the reduced systolic blood pressure seen in the study gave some indication that it could be the antioxidant effects of Enzogenol and improvements in blood circulation that may include the brain. But it is also possible that some phenolic constituents or metabolites entering the brain can directly influence nervous signal transduction. We will need a lot more research to look at these issues.”

Dr. Matt Frevel, CSO at Enzo Nutraceuticals, says, “We are extremely pleased with the results of the brain function study, and will continue our research in this area. Since cognitive decline with age is such an important issue, and there is also a lot of interest in cognitive enhancers for students and professionals, we feel that this study will give our product a real edge in the market.”

About Enzo Nutraceuticals, Ltd. (
In the mid-1990s, scientists from the University of Canterbury developed an environmentally sound technology, based on water as the only solvent, to produce plant-based phenolic extracts sourced from New Zealand’s clean environment. This research led to the development of Enzogenol – a broad-spectrum flavonoid extract from the bark of New Zealand–grown pinus radiata trees. Enzo Nutraceuticals, Ltd. produces Enzogenol with the patented water-only extraction method, and markets Enzogenol for its high antioxidant activity and particularly high proanthocyanidin content.

For sales, samples and more information about Enzogenol, please contact our U.S. distribution partner, B&D Nutritional Ingredients, at 800.546.6113 or

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