New Studies Show that FenuLife Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Minneapolis, USA – FenuLife®, a new health ingredient from Acatris Inc., was shown to reduce blood sugar levels in both non-diabetic and type-II diabetic subjects. FenuLife contains the highest concentration of fenugreek galactomannan, which can balance sugar absorption in the small intestine and help individuals avoid large spikes in blood sugar levels following meals. Two separate studies were conducted to investigate the effects of FenuLife on glycemic response. Both reported a reduction in blood sugar levels with different doses of FenuLife.

Researchers at Glycaemic Index Testing Inc. in Toronto, Canada tested 4 different dosages of FenuLife and compared it with two other fibre sources: psyllium husk powder and oat brand concentrate. A group of 10 non-diabetic subjects consumed a 50g glucose solution enriched with either of the indicated fibres. Finger prick capillary blood was taken for glucose analysis at 15, 30,45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes after the start of the meal. A reduction in blood sugar levels was reported at all dosages, however most significantly with the highest dose of FenuLife, thus establishing a clear dose-response effect. Neither psyllium husk powder or oat bran concentrate showed any effect at the tested dosages.

In a second study, researchers at Kyourin University in Japan studied the effect of different doses of FenuLife on fasting blood sugar levels in type-II diabetic patients. The test group was divided in two sub-groups based on the severity of their diabetes. FenuLife reduced fasting blood sugar levels in subjects with light/moderate diabetes. Once desired levels were obtained, a reduced dose of FenuLife maintained the improved fasting blood sugar levels. In subjects with severe diabetes, FenuLife created a complementary effect on the reduction of fasting blood sugar levels along with the use of conventional diabetic drugs.

Acatris Inc. develops and markets innovative health ingredients supported by science, including SoyLife®, FenuLife® and LinumLifeTM.

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Source: Acatris Inc. USA

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