New Study Shows GliSODin® Supplementation Increases SOD Levels and Protects Against Oxidative Stress

MORRISTOWN, NJ (March 9, 2005) PL Thomas (PLT) today announced the results of a new study using its exclusive dietary supplement ingredient, GliSODin®, published in Phytotherapy Research March 1, 2005. The study concluded that supplementation with Glisodin® promoted cellular antioxidant status and protected against oxidative stress-induced cell death.

According to PL Thomas President Paul Flowerman, “This is the third and most important study conducted on the mechanism of action of GliSODin. This study validates the concept of GliSODin as an ‘antioxidant catalyst,’ showing significant promotion of internal antioxidant production, including superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase and glutathione peroxidase.”

This study supports previously published human research (Free Radical Research, September 2004) where GliSODin supplementation was shown to protect against induced oxidative damage in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.1

GliSODin is a radical new approach to antioxidant supplementation, one that is entirely different from conventional dietary antioxidants, such as vitamins (vitamins A, C and E), minerals (selenium, zinc, copper and manganese) and other substances, including polyphenols found in grapes and green tea. While important, these dietary antioxidants play a secondary role to the primary antioxidants produced by the body at the cellular level.

According to the new study, “Supplementation with GliSODin in normal mice for 28 days was found to promote the circulating antioxidant enzymes SOD, catalase and Gpx. This was specific to GliSODin, because non-protected SOD extract or gliadin alone were unable to promote these antioxidants.”

This increase in blood antioxidant activities correlated with an increased resistance of red blood cells to oxidative stress-induced cell death. GliSODin was further shown to increase antioxidant levels in the liver, and demonstrated an enhanced resistance to oxidative stress-induced cell death.

1Muth, et. al. "Influence of an orally effective SOD on hyperbaric, oxygen related cell damage,” Free Radical Research 38:9 (2004) pp. 927-932

About GliSODin

GliSODin® is patented and trademarked by Isocell, Paris, France. It is available in North America as a nutritional raw material exclusively from PL Thomas & Co., Morristown, NJ. Numerous animal and human studies support the use of GliSODin in nutritional applications. These include: Immune support, Sports Nutrition, and Antioxidant.

About PLT

PL Thomas & Co., a New Jersey-based ingredient supplier, offers fifty years of innovation in securing reliable, high quality raw materials for the food/functional food and nutrition industries.

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