New Study Shows Prelief(R) Dietary Supplement Significantly Improves Quality of Life for Overactive Bladder Patients

According to new study data, the dietary supplement Prelief is effective in significantly improving quality of life for patients suffering with overactive bladder.

Specifically, the study shows that the patients' ability to socialize and interact with friends, quality and/or quantity of sleep, ability to go places they want, ability to wear clothes they want, performance of routine exercise, and the ability to attend entertainment activities, in subjects receiving Prelief were significantly improved after three weeks. In fact, Prelief significantly improved quality of life based on the total score of all these parameters compared to placebo.

"This study shows that the Prelief dietary supplement may help individuals with overactive bladder to enjoy many daily activities again," said study investigator Michael J. Kennelly, M.D., of Carolinas Medical Center in North Carolina. Carolinas Medical Center is ranked among the nation's Top 50 healthcare facilities for excellence in urology, according to "U.S. News & World Report."

Prelief was developed by AkPharma Inc., creators of Beano(R) and Lactaid(R), as a dietary supplement for food acid intolerance. Prelief allows people who enjoy tomato sauce, coffee, orange juice, wine and other acidic foods to eat them without discomfort.

Alan Kligerman, founder and CEO of AkPharma Inc. states: "Unlike acid blockers and antacids, Prelief is not a drug. It is a dietary supplement that works instantly to prevent food acid intolerance -- the common problem many people experience when they consume acidic foods." Prelief works on a simple premise, notes Mr. Kligerman: "If it's the acid in the food causing discomfort, it isn't the body that needs treating: treat the food; that's what Prelief does."

Adds Mr. Kligerman: "In working with Prelief, we have discovered a world of people who cannot tolerate acidic foods. For some, the foods can cause urinary urgency, bladder pain, and/or bowel distress. It is very gratifying to see this study confirm the new and beneficial uses of Prelief."

About the study

Anecdotal evidence had indicated for some years that Prelief dietary supplement was effective in decreasing many of the symptoms associated with overactive bladder. The study performed by Dr. Kennelly formally evaluated the efficacy and safety of Prelief in overactive bladder patients.

A total of 58 adult patients were randomized 1:1 to 3 weeks of double- blind therapy with Prelief or placebo administered 3 times daily with meals. Outcomes measured individual patient voiding diaries, incontinence quality of life parameters ("IIQ" = Individual Incontinence impact Questionnaire), patient satisfaction scale, and safety.

The study showed that on voiding diary data, Prelief significantly reduced the mean number of pads used per 24 hours compared with placebo, even though the other mean parameters of daily frequency, nocturia, and incontinent episodes showed no significant differences.

Prelief significantly improved quality of life based on the total IIQ score as delineated above. Subjects who received Prelief reported that they were pleased and benefited more frequently than those in the placebo group.

The mechanism for these effects remains to be determined and further evaluation is warranted to substantiate these exciting beneficial findings.

This study was sponsored by AkPharma Inc., maker of Prelief dietary supplement.

About Prelief

Prelief is calcium glycerophosphate, a food-grade mineral classified as a dietary supplement, for use with acidic foods and beverages for more comfortable eating of a regular diet. The calcium is fully absorbable and coupled with phosphorus in a 1:1 ratio, as recommended by nutritionists. Prelief comes in both tablet and granulate form. Tablets are taken with food. Granulate packets are added to a serving of acidic food or beverage.

About AkPharma Inc.

AkPharma's commitment has always been to enhance the digestibility of life's important foods.

For more information, contact:

Betty Corson, Customer Service Manager (609) 645-5100
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Source: AkPharma Inc.

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