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New Study Shows Viscofiber® Provides Satiety; Aids in Weight Loss

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA – Natraceutical Canada Inc. has announced the publication of a study demonstrating its flagship compound Viscofiber® is effective in promoting earlier satiety onset, resulting in loss of body weight.

The study, entitled, “Fourteen Weeks of Treatment with Viscofiber Increased Fasting Levels of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 and Peptide-YY” by Greenway, et al. and appearing in Journal of Medicinal Food, 10 (4) 2007, 720-724, enrolled seven volunteers who were either overweight or obese. They were given a protocol of healthy diet and lifestyle, along with four grams of Viscofiber® daily for 14 weeks.

Based on the findings of an earlier study demonstrating that the addition of fermentable fiber (such as Viscofiber®) to the diet of rodents caused energy dilution, fat loss and increased plasma peptide-YY and glucagon-like peptide 1 levels, this study sought to see how those effects in humans resulted in potential weight loss.

This pilot study resulted in a statistically significant weight loss of more than three kg as well as a significant increase in satiety at the one-hour postprandial time point. The baseline levels of GLP-1 and PYY rose significantly from baseline to week 14 in a manner similarly demonstrated by the aforementioned rodent study.

The researchers noted, “The statistically significant increase in fasting GLP-1 and PYY in response to 14 weeks of treatment with Viscofiber offers a mechanism, in addition to energy dilution, for the weight loss and the increased satiety seen in this study. Viscofiber combined with a diet and lifestyle program gave a safe and statistically significant weight loss” over the course of the study.

“This study demonstrates the viability of Viscofiber® consumption for those people who are overweight because of an overactive and overstimulated appetite,” says Kristina Williams, vice president of marketing and sales for Natraceutical Canada. “The increase in satiety reached statistical significance at the one-hour post-prandial time point despite the small number of subjects enrolled in this pilot study and the small amount of food ingested. These findings suggest that Viscofiber® may be more potent for weight loss than other fibers previously tested for this purpose”

About Viscofiber®
Viscofiber® is a high-viscosity, high beta-glucan, water-soluble fiber derived from oat that is versatile for use in dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages. Viscofiber® is made through a patented proprietary process that maintains the high molecular weight of the beta glucan.

About Natraceutical Canada
Natraceutical Canada Inc. is a science-based manufacturer and supplier of grain-based ingredients for the dietary supplement and functional food markets. Its proprietary fractionation technology produces Viscofiber®, the original and only high-viscosity and high concentration oat beta-glucan available. Natraceutical Canada is part of Natraceutical Group, a biotechnology holding company based in Valencia, Spain. Natraceutical Group is a leading European company in research and development of functional food, active ingredients and nutritional supplements derived from natural sources. The Group’s functional and nutritional ingredients division has a portfolio of over 500 products.

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