New technologies

Biodegradable plastic
Germany-based BASF has launched a biodegradable plastic based on renewable raw materials. Ecovio plastic is made up of 45 per cent polylactic acid, a material obtained from corn and developed by Cargill's NatureWorks unit. The other component is BASF's biodegradable plastic Ecoflex, derived from petrochemicals. Ecovio can be used to produce flexible films from which biodegradable bags can be made. Packages for such products as yoghurt can be produced if other components are added to Ecovio.
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Photo-ready plastic storage pails
IPL's new Shure-Lock Commercial Series pails with In-Mold Labeling offer the highest-quality decorative process available for rigid plastic pails that are used to package food products. Offering full photographic quality and superior image resolution (up to 175 LPI), IML presents advantages to companies that want their products to stand out on the shelf, the company says. They are available in two sizes, 1 USG and 1.2 USG (4.0 litres and 4.5 litres).
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Quad seal pouch with zipper
Zip-Pak has teamed up with Hayssen Packaging Technologies to introduce the first US commercial quad seal pouch to feature slider zipper technology. The pouch was developed for Hartz, to launch 1-5lb resealable pet food packages. Produced with the new Ultima SV vertical form/fill/seal machine from Hayssen Packaging Technologies, the pouch features Zip-Pak Transverse Direction SLIDER technology.
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Cheese packaging to boost shelf life
Russian packager and food producer Nevskie Syry has launched a new line of cheese packaging using inert gases that it says can significantly extend products' shelf-life. The company, which has factories in Pskov and in Ivanovo, said it had started packing three sorts of cheese using inert gases instead of vacuum-packing, which help to preserve the cheese. The 'inert cheese' has a shelf-life of 120 days, while the average for vacuum-packed products was about 20 days and cheese packed in stretch-film lasts only one day.
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Reusable containers
The manufacturer of the ROPAK reusable container systems, Linpac Materials Handling, has introduced the MAX3 8844 container. Featuring rigid sidewalls and a one-piece molded base with wood flooring, the MAX3 8844 was developed to handle both storage and shipping of larger quantities of finished products, including stacks and bundles of small parts and packages. The container can also be compartmentalized with up to three tiers of interior shelving for efficient organization. When empty, the containers can be stacked three high; when loaded, they can be stacked two high. Weighing in at 450lbs, t
he MAX3 8844 offers 190 cubic feet (5.38 cubic meters) of storage volume.
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Packaging for omega-3 milk
Tetra Pak and DSM Nutritional Products have created a way to produce chilled milk enriched with omega-3 fish oil. The solution combines a special omega-3 emulsion developed by DSM Nutritional Products with Tetra Pak Arom Pak's unique dosing technology (the FlexDos system), to create a chilled milk without any fishy flavours. The product is filled and packaged using chilled packaging systems from Tetra Pak.
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