New Toxicity Studies Completed on SLIMALUMA

Gencor Pacific Inc., announces the completion of two more toxicity studies on their Caralluma Fimbriata Extract sold under the brand name SLIMALUMA. The product has re-enforced its safety in recently completed Chromosomal Aberration Study and Teratogenicity Study.

These studies were done by GLP certified institutions as per stringent ICH Guidelines. The successful completion of these studies re-enforces the safety of SLIMALUMA for consumption by general public and adds further value to the GRAS [ Generally Recognized as Safe ] status of the product. The successful completion of the Teratogenicity Study shows that SLIMALUMA is non - teratogenic in the suggested doses and can could be considered safe for consumption by pregnant women.

With these studies, Gencor's SLIMALUMA is in an unique position of being a new ingredient in the appetite suppression and weight management field supported by 5 toxicity studies to validate safety, namely:

Acute Oral Toxicity Study
Sub-Chronic Toxicity Study
Mutagenicity Study
Chromosomal Aberration Study
Teratogenicity Study

Gencor Pacific is committed to conducting regular studies to validate the safety and efficacy of SLIMALUMA.

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