New Violet Shade in Chr. Hansen's Palette of Natural Colors

Chr. Hansen, a global frontrunner in natural colors, adds a new member to its ColorFruit® family of transparent colors extracted from edible fruits and vegetables. Based on purple carrot, ‘ColorFruit® Magenta 109 WS’ develops a natural and vivid violet shade in acidic pH.

“Fruit-flavored still drinks, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks and whey drinks will all benefit from ColorFruit® Magenta’s properties and it can also be used in fruit preps and confectionery,” says Bertrand Martzel, Business Development Manager, Beverages, Chr. Hansen.

Attractive properties
ColorFruit® Magenta which comes in a user-friendly liquid format provides an increased stability towards light, heat treatment and ambient storage. It is twice as stable as grape skin or blackcurrant extracts. Therefore, soft drinks colored with ColorFruit® Magenta will maintain an appealing violet/purple shade on a long term. In addition, ColorFruit® Magenta is SO2 (sulphur dioxide) free, GMO free, allergen free, kosher and it has no off-flavor — an important advantage in comparison with red cabbage.

“High color strength, bright shade, increased stability, and cost efficiency have been our four targets when developing this new and attractive color for the beverage industry,” says Bertrand Martzel. “The color strength of the ColorFruit® Magenta allows low dosage from 0.02% to 0.1% in soft drink applications making ColorFruit® Magenta very cost-competitive.”

Allows replacement of synthetic colors
“ColorFruit® Magenta completes our range of anthocyanin blends developed to meet the stability and shade challenges of the soft drinks industry,” comments Bertrand Martzel. “Chr. Hansen’s anthocyanin-based colors give the opportunity to replace synthetic colors in red, pink and violet shades and strengthen product image with “natural” claims.”

ColorFruit® Magenta is launched worldwide but with a specific focus on the American and Asian markets. Beverage is a huge and growing category in Asia. In Japan alone the soft drinks sector was the most valuable market in Japanese F&B in 2007, according to Datamonitor. ColorFruit® Magenta is perfectly adapted to formulations of vitamin water, the fastest growing sub-segment on the US soft drinks markets representing more than 3 billions USD in 2007, according to Euromonitor.

ColorFruit® for stable, long term shelf life
Chr. Hansen’s ColorFruit® range offers transparent colors for a variety of applications. These anthocyanin, natural carotene and carotenoid blends are derived from edible fruits and vegetables using a unique technique to optimize color in selected stability conditions. ColorFruit® colors provide longer shelf life due to improved resistance to light, heat and ascorbic acid.

Chr. Hansen is a pioneer in the world of anthocynanins. The first production took place in the early 1970s on the outskirts of Montpellier, right in the heart of the Southern French vineyard. The first anthocyanins which were extracted came from grape skins, blackcurrant skins and elderberry. Today, other potent raw materials used in Chr. Hansen’s anthocyanin-based blends are black carrot, sweet potato, red cabbage and red radish.

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