New website caters to clean label trend

New website caters to clean label trend is dedicated to capturing and communicating consumer needs in the area of clean label products.

Corn Products International/National Starch Food Innovation, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to the food and other diversified industries, today announced the launch of a website – – dedicated to capturing and communicating consumer needs in the area of clean label products. The idea for the site stemmed from the company’s more than 15 years of experience helping manufacturers formulate clean label products.

Despite growing demand from consumers for cleaner labels, no industry-wide definition currently exists. National Starch/Corn Products reviewed the market in order to propose defining clean label as: free from food additives, simple ingredient listing and minimally processed. In response to strong market growth in the area of clean label, the website provides a platform for manufacturers and opinion leaders to access the latest research, technical advances, culinary applications, regulatory information, and case studies on consumer product activity in the clean label space.

“We want to be at the forefront of the clean label trend – this initiative will enable us to present and share an in-depth understanding of consumer attitudes and strengthen our position as the industry authority and go-to clean label partner,” said Aaron Edwards, global director of wholesome for Corn Products/National Starch. “The hub will be an industry first for clean label, providing a unique and interactive platform to access relevant and valuable information, and with regional input, we intend for the hub to grow and become a valuable resource for the global food and beverage industry.”

Corn Products/National Starch has over 15 years of experience in helping manufacturers create successful clean label products. The company offers a broad range of ingredients for the formulation of clean label foods and beverages that appeal to consumers.

As part of its continued and industry leading commitment to understanding consumer needs in clean label, the company kicked off the website initiative by conducting the first in a new series of consumer research projects to identify global attitudes to clean label foods and beverages. This global research project provides insights into the impact of product labeling on purchasing behavior in different regions and enables the company to make recommendations on how to cater for distinct requirements. Initial results will be available at


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