New XanoMax® Trademark for Renaissance Herbs

Chatsworth, CA - Renaissance Herbs solidifies its position as the world’s leading supplier of Mangosteen extracts with a new registered trademark and new high potency grades. The USPTO has awarded trademark registration No. 2,995,810 for Renaissance’s XanoMax® brand of standardized Mangosteen extracts. Company president, Alex Moffett, also announced the addition of a new high-potency grade standardized to 95% mangostin by HPLC. “Our line-up of five grades allows us to provide perfectly tailored mangosteen extracts for use in beverages, cosmetic applications, capsules and tablets. Our company expertise with Garcinia mangostana gives supplement manufacturers a unique opportunity to incorporate the power of this exciting, new ingredient in their products.”

XanoMax is a superior antioxidant made from the rind of the exotic Mangosteen fruit. The full range of XanoMax extracts show a very high ORAC value. In vitro tests and on-going animal and human studies are also showing a wide range of potential benefits. For more information call 800.550.8446 or on the web at

Douglas Buck
[email protected]

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