Nexrutine® Shown Effective In New Open-Label Study

(Irvine, CA)– Next Pharmaceuticals’ patent-pending proprietary botanical ingredient Nexrutine®, in a new open-label study, has been shown to help manage pain and inflammation in as short as two weeks. This study sets Nexrutine apart from the many other dietary supplements on the market by its proven ability to produce significant results in a short period of time.

Two hundred and eighty eight patients at the Living Longer Clinic in Cincinnati, OH participated in the study. Eighty eight percent of the subjects found Nexrutine reduced pain and/or inflammation and increased mobility and flexibility. With 66 million Americans suffering with arthritis or chronic joint pain, as reported by the American Arthritis Foundation, Nexrutine is an effective, all-natural way to manage the debilitating effects caused by chronic joint conditions.

Next Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a research and development company that markets its patented or patent-pending ingredients such as Relora®, Nexrutine®, Seditol® and Citri-Z™ to food, beverage, and dietary supplement companies seeking differentiation and a marketing edge with their healthy living products.


Deanne Dolnick

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