Niagara Natural Revolutionizes Functional Fruit Snacks: Announces Co-packing and Private Labeling Programs

John Boot, CEO and founder of Niagara Natural Fruit Snack Co., has announced that the manufacturer is now fully ready to co-pack, private label and partner with North American companies that want to enter the functional fruit snack market.

Niagara Natural produces all-natural, 100% fruit snacks to which can be added specific dosages of a range of nutraceutical and functional ingredients desired by the marketer, such as 32 mg of Meg-3 EPA and DHA, for example. The snacks are free of preservatives and artificial ingredients, as well as free of nuts, gluten, wheat, trans-fats and cholesterol.

In April 2009, Niagara Natural opened its new, state-of-the-art facility in the former CanGro Foods Inc. plant, situated in the heart of in the bountiful Niagara fruit-growing region near the U.S.-Canada border. The manufacturer has the ability to produce 200,000 units per day (18g to 20 g) as well as sophisticated packaging technology allowing for customized, consumer-attractive packaging options.

“It took awhile but we have the ‘formula’ down pat: truly healthy and tasty treats that are more than benign – they are good for you,” Boot describes. “Parents and school nutrition groups across North America will, without a doubt, overwhelmingly choose these snacks over conventional semi-natural counterparts.”

Boot adds that prior to the opening of the Niagara Natural manufacturing facility, one of the challenges to marketing all-natural, 100% fruit snacks had been in the limitations of producing unique, fun snacks that appeal to children. “Our processing equipment is capable of generating a wide variety of uniquely shaped, satisfying snacks. Additionally, our latest packaging technology allows for high quality and one-of-a-kind packaging formats. Co-packers or private labelers can choose stock or custom flavors and shapes.”

Further, the fruit snacks are produced in a modern HACCP-accredited, GMP- and Kosher-certified and nut-free facility. Niagara Naturals is also committed to being an environmentally sustainable and carbon-neutral production facility. The plant and its equipment are energy efficient, and drying system waste-water is recycled.
Stephen Lukawski, CEO of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario-based Market-Wise Enterprises, Niagara Natural's North American sales agent for the nutraceutical fruit snack division, says, “Each snack provides the nutritional equivalent of one full serving of fruit, including fiber, antioxidant vitamins and enzymes, plus added nutraceuticals or functional ingredients that remain fully stable in the matrix. To my knowledge, Niagara Natural is the only manufacturer capable of producing such fruit treats that have the additional benefits of great taste and unique shapes. Finally, because of the company’s capabilities, these snacks may be offered at an attractive cost of production and packaging.

For more information about Niagara Natural Fruit Snack Co., log onto, or call Stephen Lukawski 905-878-995 or email him at [email protected].

About Market-Wise Nutrition
Founded by Stephen Lukawski in 2000, Market-Wise Nutrition establishes alliances with ingredient producers to sell, market and distribute science-based and innovative natural ingredients for dietary supplements, food, beverages and cosmeceuticals that promote a healthy and natural lifestyle. Market-Wise Nutrition has established itself as a reputable supplier of science-based raw materials with a principal focus on consumer safety, environmental sustainability, and product efficacy. Market-Wise has successfully demonstrated its abilities in strategic planning, product development, research and marketing, resulting in an ongoing annual growth rate that keeps pace with the industry. Log onto

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