Nissin Foods Holdings Develop New Method of Testing for Carcinogens in Food

Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd. has developed a new method of testing for carcinogens contained in food called the “Hatsugan Promoter Tanki Kenshutsuho (Carcinogenesis Promoter Short-term Detection Method)”.
In food, there are two types of carcinogens: one that causes gene mutation directly, and another that does not directly cause gene mutation, but promotes the carcinogenic effect of other carcinogens. Detection of the latter has up to now been done through traditional animal testing, and “Transformation tests using BALB/c 3T3 cells”. While the “Transformation tests using BALB/c 3T3 cells” are excellent in terms of having a high carcinogen detection capability and a lack of variance in detection capability between testing facilities, the test itself is not appropriate for being carried out on a large number of subjects due to its difficult and time-consuming nature. This is why the company independently developed the “Carcinogenesis Promoter Short-term Detection Method”, which can detect carcinogens in food quickly, easily and at a low cost. By using this detection method, the company is looking to carry out a plan to keep increasing the safety of its products by gathering carcinogen-related safety information. The company’s patent for the detection method is currently pending.

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