NMI Announces Top Ten Trends of 2004

Harleysville, Pa. ( October 14, 2003) -- The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) introduces 2004's Top Trends, the result of its 5th annual Health and Wellness Trends Database™ (HWTD) and 2nd annual LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) Consumer Trends Database™. Both have been developed from research studies of 2,000+ U.S. consumer households.

NMI’s Top 10 Trends of 2004:

1. American Population Exhibits "Wellness Polarization"

2. A Shift From Consumer Value To Consumer Values

3. "Wellness" Transfers To Multiple, Non-Traditional Industries

4. Nutritional Maturation: From General To Specific Benefits

5. External/Current Events Affect Health-Related Priorities

6. Organic This, Organic That --- Beyond Foods/Beverages

7. Demographic Fragmentation Creates Wellness Opportunities

8. Convenience & Availability Migrates Across Industries

9. Functionality & Purity Drive Many Consumer Goods

10. The Weight Loss/Diet Epidemic: It's All About Lifestyle

The HWTD now contains 5 years of trends with regard to attitudes, behaviors, product usage patterns, lifestyles, and demographics surrounding foods, beverages, nutritional supplements, weight loss, sports nutrition, personal care --- among other products.

The LOHAS database covers a range of products and services, including energy efficient electronics and appliances, natural/organic food and beverages, green cleaning and household products, renewable power, green building, socially responsible investing, dietary supplements, natural/organic personal care, and alternative/hybrid transportation.

In upcoming months, NMI will provide in-depth data and perspective on each of the Top 10 Trends.

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