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Nordic Naturals Expands Space: New Location Supports Incredible Sales Growth

Watsonville, California (September 23, 2003) Nordic Naturals, Inc. announced today the location of its new corporate offices at 94 Hangar Way in Watsonville, California. The move will be completed by November 15, 2003. The new building offering 9,000 square feet represents more than a 100% increase from the previous facility. “Our growth since our last move about 2 years ago has been exceptional,” notes Joar Opheim, Founder and CEO. “This move will triple our warehousing capacity and provide increased space for customer service representatives and general staff.” Corinna Benoit, National Sales Manager, indicated that additional personnel would be required to handle the company’s increased sales volume. “As the market continues to demand great tasting, high quality Omega 3 fish oils, we expect continued growth at our present accelerated pace for some time,” says Corinna. The company is also looking to secure another building, adjacent to the new headquarters that will be needed in approximately15 months.

Nordic Naturals not only cites the growth in the essential fatty acid category as explanation for its sales boom but also because they are an industry leader with purity and freshness levels unsurpassed by competing manufacturers. “We recently tested our products down to 0.4 particles per trillion for dioxin with no detection, which we believe may be the lowest non-detected dioxin level in fish oil. Our patented manufacturing process and the use of a pressurized nitrogen environment also deliver exceptional freshness levels. Quality is the basis for everything we do,” adds Joar. “We have found that medical professionals and consumers are willing to pay more for this kind of trusted quality and purity.”

Nordic Naturals is a leading manufacturer and provider of essential fatty acids in the dietary supplement and medical industries. The company offers a complete line of Omega-3s from fish in combination with Omega-6s from organic borage oil and evening primrose oil. Nordic Naturals also produces proven environmental pollutant defense products – to aid in the elimination of toxins from the system. Involved in research and education, Nordic Naturals is the chosen brand for various clinical trials at accredited universities and research institutions.


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