Nordic Naturals Hosts Sports Performance Webinar

Mackie Shilstone, one of the world’s leading sports performance management specialists, will deliver a 60-minute Webinar titled, “Insights from a Pro Sports Performance Expert: Negative Lifestyle Issues Outside of the Game,” a topic Shilstone is very passionate about. The Webinar is one in a series sponsored by Nordic Naturals, the industry leader in omega-3 fish oil, to help educate the public on a variety of health topics. To view the archives of Nordic Naturals webinars and other educational events, visit and click on Education.

Proper weight management including a normal waist measurement for your gender, proper cardiovascular function and other important considerations are keys to maintaining optimal health and preventing disease for professional athletes as well as all fitness enthusiasts. This Webinar will cover several case studies, looking at how negative lifestyle issues outside the game can be the greatest threats to performance and health while playing and after in current and retired professional linemen, high school and college linemen, as well as non-athlete adolescents, men, and women. Most importantly, this Webinar will cover how changes in those lifestyle factors—such as diet, exercise, and the introduction of omega-3 fish oil—can overcome those threats to performance and health. The Webinar is applicable to anyone with—or who has a loved one with—a waist measurement exceeding 40" (for men) and 35" (for women). The Webinar will last 45 minutes with 15 minutes for questions.

Mackie Shilstone is a renowned sports performance management specialist who has worked with more than 3,000 professional athletes in his 30 years of experience, including numerous active and retired professional football players. Most recently, he has been a big part of Serena Williams’ dominance and actor John Goodman’s 100-pound weight loss. Shilstone is also a member of Nordic Naturals Advisory Board.

Wednesday, August 11

Noon EDT/9 a.m. PDT

Participants must register at: (Early registration is highly recommended.)

CONTACTS: Matt Paulson/BZAPR, for Mackie Shilstone

(818) 462-5609 /

Shari Hindman/Integral Marketing, for Nordic Naturals

(303) 499-9665 / (800) 662-2544 (toll-free) /

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