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Nordic Naturals introduces non-GMO vegetarian borage oil

Nordic Naturals introduces non-GMO vegetarian borage oil
Nordic GLA for anti-inflammatory support contains no gluten, milk derivatives or artificial colors and is flavor-free.  

Nordic Naturals introduces Nordic GLA, a vegetarian borage oil made exclusively from non-GMO cold-pressed borage seed grown in New Zealand. GLA is a beneficial omega-6 fatty acid that occurs naturally in plants. Nordic GLA provides essential omega oil nutrition to vegetarian consumers. The product, available in 4 fluid ounces, provides 480 mg of GLA per serving--the highest level among leading brands--and supports radiant skin, hormonal balance, joint function, and optimal body-fat metabolism. In addition to being 100 percent vegetarian, Nordic GLA contains no gluten, milk derivatives or artificial colors and is flavor-free.

Borage, also known as starflower, has the highest naturally occurring GLA of any known plant. Like other omega oils, GLA is an essential fatty acid that the human body needs but cannot produce on its own. It is one of two key omega oils in the omega-6 family of essential fatty acids. The other is linoleic acid. GLA promotes the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response and supports healthy skin, mood and joints, as well as brain and cardiovascular function.

The development of Nordic GLA reflects Nordic Naturals’ commitment to offer innovative new omega oil products in order to meet the varying needs of its customers.

According to Keri Marshall, Chief Medical Officer of Nordic Naturals, “Nordic GLA is effective on its own, or in combination with Nordic Naturals fish oil or algae oil omega-3 products. We now offer borage oil, as a standalone, independent of fish oil, or customers can continue to purchase our borage/fish oil blends that we have had for some time such as Complete Omega 3.6.9.”

Based in Watsonville, CA, Nordic Naturals is committed to delivering the world’s safest, most effective omega oils to help provide the essentials of an extraordinary life. Distributing to more than 35 countries, Nordic Naturals offers more than 150 products in a variety of flavors and formulations, all in line with leading standards for safety, efficacy and sustainability. By providing omega oil supplements for adults, kids, athletes, and pets, Nordic Naturals helps everyone do more of what they love. To learn more, visit


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