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Nordic Phytopharma Group Launches Immune Booster Based on Microalgae

IMMULINA™, a new, patent-protected dietary supplement based on a bioactive microalgae complex with high levels of immune-active compounds, is a powerful, natural immune-stimulatory dietary supplement based on a well-established macrophage activation assay and is intended for people leading a modern lifestyle as well as the aging population.

Leading scientists at the National Center for Natural Products Research (NCNPR) at the University of Mississippi developed the patent-protected technology. “Our research has shown that IMMULINA™ is one of the most powerful natural immune-stimulating dietary supplements discovered to date, with respect to macrophage activation,” says Dr. David Pasco, Assistant Director at NCNPR. The results of this research were published in Planta Medica (Pugh et al, 2001 67(8): 737-742). “The immune system in general is extremely complex and our research has shown that IMMULINA™ seems to have an effect on numerous, vital aspects of the immune system.”

The all-natural, low-dosage extract is standardized to immune bioactivity. “The interesting aspect of IMMULINA™ is that it seems to put the immune system’s first line of defence on a higher level of alert, making it better prepared to cope with any challenges the body is faced with. At the same time, clinical research has shown a very high degree of safety,” comments Dr. Nirmal Pugh, Research Scientist at NCNPR.

“IMMULINA™ is one of the most promising projects our Center has produced in recent years, including its intellectual property,” says Dr. Walter G. Chambliss, Director of Technology Management at the University of Mississippi. NCNPR is the only university-affiliated research center in the United States devoted to improving human health and agricultural productivity through the discovery, development, and commercialization of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals derived from natural products. The Center has a cooperative agreement with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help assess the quality of botanical dietary supplements. The University of Mississippi owns the intellectual property of IMMULINA™ and has licensed all patent rights worldwide to the Nordic Phytopharma Group on an exclusive basis.

“IMMULINA™ is such a timely product proposition, that we believe it has the potential to help develop the immune health category as one of its leading products. A powerful, safe and extremely convenient natural immune booster backed by professional science and protected by intellectual property is a package the market is very receptive to”, says Carsten Waern, Chairman & CEO.

“Our commercial operations to date with IMMULINA™ gives us high hopes and we believe new life science distributors around the world will see it as a very attractive proposition for their business”, comments Danilo Copiz, VP of International Sales.

The Nordic Phytopharma Group is a life science company founded by Carsten Waern, one of the creators of the successful IMEDEEN™ and ZINAXIN™ brands and a 35-year veteran of the life science industry.

For more information contact:
Carsten Waern, CEO & Chairman, Nordic Phytopharma A/S, tel: +45 4346 0680, +45 2090 8888, [email protected]
Danilo Copiz, VP International Sales, Nordic Phytopharma A/S, tel: +45 4346 0680, +45 2090 8885, [email protected]

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