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Noted Experts Speak on Cinnulin PF® and Type2 Diabetes at SupplySide East

SARASOTA, FL, May 2, 2005 -- Integrity Nutraceuticals International (INI) is sponsoring a VendorWorks presentation on the unique benefits of their signature ingredient, Cinnulin PF®. The presentation will take place in the exhibit hall at the SupplySide East International Trade Show in Baltimore, Maryland on Thursday, May 5, 2005, from 2-2:50 p.m. Three noted industry experts will conduct the seminar: Tim N. Ziegenfuss, Ph.D. will discuss his latest research titled, 'Effects of Cinnulin PF, Patented Aqueous Cinnamon Extract, on Blood Glucose, Lipids and Weight Management'; Tim Romero, INI Vice President will review the unique attributes of their trademarked ingredient Cinnulin PF; and Jan A. Glinski, Ph.D., from Planta Analytica will be discussing the procedures used to purify the standard of Trimeric and Tetrameric Type-A Polymers used to quantify Cinnulin PF.

"The statistics are clear. Over 17 million people in the United States have type 2 diabetes and another 41 million are classified as pre-diabetic. Additionally, an estimated 105 million people have high or borderline cholesterol levels and over two-thirds of the population is overweight," stated Ziegenfuss. "I will review new research that reveals cinnamon, one of the world's most common spices, may have the ability to restore healthy glucose and cholesterol levels, and perhaps even improve body composition. Cinnulin PF is backed by strong clinical research and ongoing studies are being conducted by the USDA."

Cinnulin PF is the only patented water extract of cinnamon ingredient available on the market. Cinnamon has been found in studies by the USDA to promote glucose metabolism and support healthy cholesterol levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes; however, researchers do not have sufficient data on the safety of consistently ingesting whole cinnamon. Cinnulin PF is free of the potentially harmful toxins found in whole cinnamon or fat-soluble extracts, making it safe for every day use.

Tim N. Ziegenfuss, Ph.D., is President of Z Sciences, Inc, a consulting firm to the dietary supplement and nutraceutical industries, and the Chief Executive Officer of The Ohio Research Group of Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition. He is a nationally recognized author, speaker and researcher with expertise in exercise physiology, nutrition, dietary supplements and sports performance. He is a Fellow of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has recently been appointed Chair of the exercise physiology and sports nutrition program at the Huntington College of Health Sciences. Dr. Ziegenfuss earned his undergraduate degree (Magna Cum Laude) in Health Sciences from Lock Haven University and his graduate degrees in Exercise Physiology from Purdue (M.S.) and Kent State (Ph.D.). A dynamic speaker, Tim is regularly invited to lecture at corporate seminars, universities, and national and international conferences.

Tim Romero is the Vice President of Integrity Nutraceuticals International. INI is a supplier of bulk nutraceuticals including amino acids, herbs, joint and health care items and specialty compounds such as Cinnulin PF. Mr. Romero has been in the nutraceutical industry since 1993, and has spent the past three years working with USDA scientist Dr. Richard A. Anderson through a Creative Research and Development Agreement, which the two organizations executed to further the research on cinnamon and Cinnulin PF.

Jan A. Glinski, Ph.D., is from Planta Analytica, LLC located in Brookfield, Connecticut. Dr. Glinski brings over 25 years of experience in isolating herbal bioactive compounds for the pharmaceutical industry and has contributed many industry standards distributed by catalog companies such as Chromadex.

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