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Nourish America Awarded Matching Grant of $100K

On March 1, 2009, Nourish America was awarded a "dollar for dollar" match grant up to $100,000. This generous gift is being provided by Dr. Julian and Connie Whitaker and is an important step towards a fundraising goal of $500,000 for Nourish America’s award-winning nutritional programs for 2009. Earlier this week, the news reflected the critical need for Nourish America's programs. As a result of the economy, schools across the country report a "tidal wave" of homeless students. In Vista, CA, the percentage of homeless students is about 9%. "Research shows that the turmoil of homelessness often hinders children's ability to socialize and learn. Many are plagued by hunger, exhaustion, abuse and insecurity. They have a hard time performing at grade level and are about 50 percent less likely to graduate from high school than their peers." reported NBC News.

Nourish America's programs help these children. Parents and teachers of children in Nourish America programs report that many homeless children are now managing their fears and stresses better, are focusing in school, are earning good grades and getting fewer colds and flus. Nourish America programs support the health and well being of these children so they can face their lives and succeed despite the daunting challenges.

It only costs 5 cents a day for Nourish America to provide nutrition to someone in need. And now, because of this $100,000 matching grant every dollar donated doubles to a donation of $2. Every dollar donated will provide nourishment for 40 individuals in need for one day, right here in America. To support this worthy cause and have your donation worth double you can make a donation online.

“Nourish America thanks each of our supporters for their generous contributions as well as their moral support during these challenging times. With so much need in America, we are inspired by so many who believe Nourish America is needed now more than ever. Their continuing generosity is deeply appreciated,” says Michael Morton, Executive Director. “Together we improve the lives of so many.”

About Nourish America
Nourish America™ is a non-profit organization committed to improving the health of those in need through nutritional supplements, nourishing foods (including naturals and organics) and health education. Daily, 30,000 children in need, 34,000 low income seniors throughout America receive nutrition through Nourish America programs. Last year, Nourish America distributed $3.7 million worth of donated nutritional products
to disaster survivors, emergency workers, low income seniors and impoverished children and their families. Nourish America welcomes your support. To make a contribution, call (866) 487-1484 or email us at To donate online, visit Independent audits of Nourish America’s finances show that 96% of all donations go directly to programs and those served.

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