Nourish America Provides $320K in Nutritional Products to Haitians in Need

Since the 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti on January 17th, 300,000 people have died and almost 2 million people are homeless. Soon after, Nourish America responded launching a relief effort. To date, more than $320,000 in nutritional supplements, nourishing foods, blankets and first aid supplies from Nourish America donors have been distributed through medical clinics and hospitals in Haiti- thanks to Nourish America supporters New Chapter, Healthy Directions, Alacer Corp., Kay's Naturals, Tishcon Corp., Natural alternatives International, NOW Health Group and the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL) as well as our distribution partners Food for the Poor and Direct Relief International.

Working closely with the NFWL, early on Nourish America was able to quickly identify what organizations and agencies were actually getting much needed nutritional products and first aid supplies distributed to those in need despite the daunting obstacles in Haiti. NFWL elected members with close ties to Haiti through family history or constituents in their districts were able to provide accurate, real time asessment of the situation on the ground. This invaluable information allowed Nourish America to formulate workable delivery and distribution partnerships to assure that donated products reached the hands of those in need in Haiti. Robin Read, President of NFWL shares, "Over the years, Nourish America and the National Foundation for Women Legislators have joined forces to create innovative and highly effective disaster relief plans that focus on building public-private partnerships to quickly react to natural disasters at the local level to reduce suffering and meet important dietary and hygenic needs in communities that have been hard hit by hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. Haiti is a good example of how our women legislators can step forward to help those in need in times of crisis even beyond America's shores."

According to our partners on the ground, Nourish America donations have helped tremendously, providing essential nutrition to those in extreme stress and poverty.

Father Giordano in Cap Haitian is a prominent partner of Food for the Poor with an exceptional medical program called St. Francois de Sales. Father Giodano reported, " Since the earthquake, our clinic visit numbers have seen a sharp increase due to the large number of refugees that have moved into our area. We have been very blessed with very good donations since then...We have a very bad allergy/asthma problem in Haiti due to all of the pollen, smoke and dust. After receiving Healthy Direction's Lung, Bronchial & Sinus Health Tablets along with Allerpro Advantage Capsules and New Chapter's Immunity, Probiotics, Fish Oils and Throat Defence, we were able to begin providing these in our clinics to patients that presented with respiratory problems. This has drastically reduced the number of respiratory emergencies we see at night."

"We also provide a lot of food and medicine to a nearby community, Bois-Caiman. We do this through their church, school and community leaders...We have also provided the community with 2 days of mobile medical clinic during which we treated over 400 patients. We distributed to them the Daily Nutrient, Daily Advantage and Ultra Replenisher from Healthy Directions and the Bone Strength from New Chapter. Shortly after taking a load of supplies there including the nutritional supplements mentioned above as well as the multivitamins for children from Alacer, one of our doctors received the following email from the Director of the school, Rosemond Jean-Raymond. "Hi, Dr. Randy Moore, the children and families of Bois-Caiman were very happy to receive the gifts from St. Francois de Sales. The things you brought them will help them very much as many only have the meal they receive at the school each day."

Direct Relief International's report focused on the children's chewables Nourish America provided them through the generosity of Tishcon Corp. One of the recipients of the vitamins is St. Damien's Children's Hospital in Port au Prince. This non-profit hospital has seen tens of thousand of patients since the earthquake and has been housing and feeding them on their property for no charge. Wynn Walent, procurement manager at the hospital wrote," The children here at St. Damien's benefit an indescribable amount from our partnership with Direct Relief International. From medicine to multi-vitamins, the goods we receive are vital to the work that we do and the children we serve."

Andrew MacCalla, Haiti Program Operations Specialist for Direct Relief International went farther," The donation of 5,000 bottles of children's multivitamins donated by Nourish America is directly reducing the number of preventable deaths in Haiti. Thousands of families have left their homes to live in internally displaced persons camps and they do not have easy access to food, medicines or balanced diets. The vitamins will help keep the children in these families healthy until they can return to their homes and their work."

"Nourish America is deeply grateful to both our generous donors and our distribution partners. However, there is still a great and urgent need for nutritional support for the Haitian people. Nourish America is still accepting financial donations and contributions of high quality nutritional products and supplies for Haiti. If you can help, we welcome it," said Michael Morton, Executive Director of Nourish America.

About Nourish America

Nourish America is an award-winning 501(c)3 organization that provides nutritional supplements and nourishing foods (including naturals and organics) to those in need in America. Daily, 25,000 children in need, 32,000 low income seniors and 12,000 National Guard men and women throughout America receive nutrition through Nourish America programs. Nourish America also provides nutritional support to victims and emergency workers during disasters.

It costs only ten cents a day to provide nourishment to someone in need through Nourish America. For four years in a row, Nourish America has received high ratings for its fiscal management from Charity Navigator, the nation's leading charity watchdog organization. Independent audits of Nourish America's finances show that over 94% of all donations go directly to programs and those served. Donations can be made online at . Get the latest news by becoming Nourish America's friend on Facebook. Come follow Nourish America on Twitter.

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