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Nourish America Requests Donations to Support North Dakota Flood Disaster Victims and Workers

Nourish America in partnership with the National Foundation of Women Legislators (NFWL) and North Dakota State Representative Bette Grande are calling for product and cash donations to help with the current flooding crisis. Nourish America asks for contributions to support the recovery efforts of North Dakota and other states and communities affected by this disaster.

“It looks like a military outpost here in Fargo, North Dakota. Local officials and law enforcement are working with over 1,000 National Guard now; many roads are blocked. The roads that are open are filled with large transport trucks. Every able bodied citizen is working on flood control. Thousands are showing up in freezing weather at the command centers to be bussed to the riverside to help block the Red River from coming ashore,” said Representative Grande this morning.

“The river has risen to over 40’. Flood stage is considered 18’. In 1997, a flood took out the entire city of Grand Forks and left nothing standing. The river here is supposed to reach 43’ tomorrow. We have one day to protect our city and we’re all on the job.”

“We could really use some help. Right now our command centers are calling for donations of food, water and other supplies for the workers and the flood victims. Thousands have been evacuated from their homes. Any donations we receive would be a blessing,” said Representative Grande.

Robin Read, Founder and CEO of NFWL says, “We at The National Foundation of Women Legislators feel privileged to be able to work in conjunction with Representative Grande on this relief effort. Because of the hard work of Representative Grande and her staff, donated products will be distributed seamlessly in coordination with the mayor’s office, the governor’s office, the National Guard, the Salvation Army as well as local officials, law enforcement and churches. We are proud to have Representative Grande as an officer of the National Foundation of Women Legislators. We wish her and her family the best, as they too are under voluntary evacuation at this time.”

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