Nourish America Urgently Requests Donations for Hurricane Gustav Relief

Nourish America needs your help. Today, Nourish America’s partners are urgently requesting nutritional support.

Hurricane Gustav has landed in Louisiana creating an estimated 10 billion dollars in damage. This is a state-wide disaster where supplies for those in need have been badly depleted.

Almost two million people have been evacuated, straining the supplies of over 100 shelters throughout Louisiana and surrounding states. Power is out for 1.4 million and is not expected to be fixed for two weeks.

In response, Nourish America has activated its Disaster Relief Program to help families and emergency workers in need on the Gulf Coast during this difficult time. We have partnered with the Citizens Command Center, ACS Disaster Response, FEMA and Homeland Security in our efforts. Will you join us?

You can help substantially by donating the following items:

Cash Funds
Protein and meal replacement bars
Protein and meal replacement drinks
Protein and meal replacement powders
Energy drinks
Shelf stable dairy products
Shelf stable prepared foods
Canned goods
Ready to eat snacks
Ready to eat cereal
Shelf stable juice
Shelf stable baby food
Multi-vitamins for children, adults and seniors
Other supportive nutritional supplements
Cleaning solutions
Hand sanitation products
Body and skin care products

To donate: Please contact [email protected] , call us at (866) 487-1484, or visit our website at .

About Nourish America
Nourish America™ is a non-profit organization committed to improving the health of those in need through vitamin supplementation, nourishing foods (including naturals and organics) and health education.

Nourish America has received high ratings three years in a row for its fiscal management from Charity Navigator, the nation’s leading charity watchdog organization. Independent audits of Nourish America’s finances show that 94% of all donations go directly to programs and those served.

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