Novel Food Authorisation for Teriaka's Ingredient Diminicol Confirmed

The marketing of Diminicol is now allowed in all EU countries

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, April 14, 2004 -- Paulig Group: According to the decision published by EU Commission on April 14, 2004 Teriaka Ltd. is now allowed to market Diminicol(R) ingredient in the EU countries. The ingredient can be used in yogurts, yellow fat spreads, cheeses and milk-based fruit drinks.

It has been clinically proven that Diminicol(R) significantly reduces cholesterol. This natural food ingredient contains plant sterols in a unique microcrystalline structure, making Diminicol(R) highly effective in lowering cholesterol.

Diminicol(R) has been patented both in the USA and in many other markets. It is marketed primarily to international food and beverage companies, which want to position themselves on the market for functional foods.

In winter 2003 Diminicol(R) received GRAS status from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States.

Teriaka focuses on health effects

Teriaka Ltd., a member of the Paulig Group, develops and markets health- promoting ingredients and methods. Its research focuses on safe and scientifically tested products.

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