NOW Foods Congratulates Neil Levin on NPA Champion Award

Bloomingdale, IL (February 11, 2008) -- NOW Foods Nutrition Education Manager Neil Levin has been selected to receive the 2008 Industry Champion award by the Natural Products Association. The awards will be given at the Natural Products Association’s Natural Marketplace trade show, to be held July 17- 19, 2008 in Las Vegas, NV.

The Industry Champion awards are given to people who have made notable individual contributions to industry above and beyond what is expected to achieve commercial success.

Neil is a nutritionist, educator and product formulator at NOW Foods (, a natural food, dietary supplement, and personal care manufacturer and distributor in Bloomingdale, Illinois. While he does all these things for his company, he also spends untold hours as one of the most effective industry champions, responding to negative media stories in detail, using his scientific and nutritional knowledge and credentials to put clinical studies in perspective and correct inaccurate media representations. Neil’s many articles and letters to the editor have been published by dozens of print and online publications, including medical journals. Many of his articles are archived on his blog Neil is also is active in advocacy work, leading some of our national and state lobbying efforts.

Neil is a member of the Scientific Council of the national Clinical Nutrition Certification Board and is on the board of directors of the Mid-American Health Organization (MAHO), the Midwest regional affiliate of the Natural Products Association.

“We are proud of Neil and pleased that his hard work and unflagging dedication to the industry is being recognized by the broader community,” said NOW Foods President Al Powers. “His passionate commitment to natural health and dedication to setting the record straight, whether it be to media or legislators, has had a material impact on the quality of education about natural products and healthy lifestyle choices.”

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